Why Gojek Clone Is The Best Post-Pandemic Super App In The World?

Why Every Well-Educated Entrepreneur is Ready to Wage a War over an Authentic Gojek Clone Script? Why does it sound Familiar to the Treasure Hunt to Discover the Stolen Crown Jewels of Ireland? It is because it has been a Challenging Task Lately to Find One! This On-Demand Service Delivery Industry has its own Share of Bad Rotten Apples who Defraud Genuine Small-Scale Businessmen!

Which White-Labeling Firm You Should Buy Gojek Clone App From?

My Wise and Learned Entrepreneur, I can’t vouch for a Brand but I can certainly Help you Make an Informed Decision. It is Imperative that the Globally Reputed Firm Fulfills All the Three Following Criteria’s:-

1.  Client Review Videos Endorsing The Firm

Legit White-Labeling Firms will have At Least 100+ Video Testimonials of their Global Clientele on their Official Websites! This is the First Litmus Test for Eliminating Sketchy and Dubious Firms. This is the First Thing you should Look For before Shortlisting any Firm. Play those Videos and Hear Them Out!

A Firm’s Work Ethic and Professionalism can be gauged by the Words Spoken by Happy and Extremely Satisfied Clients. Strike Out Any Firm that has Only Textual Feedbacks Lauding the Firm’s Stellar Gojek Clone Super App.

2.  Are They Charging You To Test-Drive Their Demo Apps?

If Yes, then immediately Blacklist that Deceitful Firm! Why? Because Well-Established White-Labeling Firms will offer you their DEMO Apps for FREE! And that too you can Check and Try-Out for Indefinite Amount of Time. Once you are Swept Off of your Feet with its Butter-Smooth User Interface and Flawless Functioning of the App in Real-Time, Go Ahead and Buy the Package!

Buying a Ready-Made Multi-Services App Solution is the Most Realistic and Sensible Thing to Do Instead of Wasting 8-10 Years into Coding this App from Ground Up! You’ll Go Live in Just 1-2 Weeks and Money would Start Rolling in From the Day One of the Launch.

3.  Are They A Newbie Into The Industry?

It’s a Massive Red Flag! Look for those Firms who have Decades’ Worth of Experience in Launching Mature, Market-Tested and Fully-Optimized Apps on an Everyday Basis since its Launch! Such Firms would have Sought Feedback from their Clients and would have Perfected the App even further by Eliminating All the Bugs that had once Appeared. Because they are Industry Stalwarts, they know the Veins of this On-Demand Line of Trade.

Post-Pandemic Features Of On Demand Multi-Service App

1.  Drivers Groom Themselves To Look Good In A Selfie

No, The Registered Taxi Drivers are NOT Part-Time Actors that they Suddenly Start Caring About How They Look! But they still have to Upload a Selfie with the Face Mask On!

The World Health Organization had Released a Defined Set of Instructions to be Followed by Central Governments Across Continents back in the Year 2020 to Break the Transmission Cycle of this Fast-Mutating Lethal Virus. Surgical Face Masks was Identified to be the ONLY Shield Mankind has Against this Deadly Virus.

2.  How To Maintain Social Distancing In A Cab?

It’s Simple! Reduce the Number of Passengers Per Ride based on the Seating Capacity of the Cab. For Example: Just One Passenger is Allowed to Request Ride for a Minicab. Admin will Also Clearly State Out the Maximum Number of Riders Entertained based on the Size of the Car.

3.  What Do I Mean By Safety Checklists?

It is a List with Four Bullet Points Each Instructing the Rider and the Taxi Driver to Practice the Below-Mentioned Hygiene Routines! Riders have to Wear a Face Mask, Sanitize their Hands Before and After the Ride, Pay using In-App Wallet Money and Handle Personal Belongings like Trolley Bags, Groceries and even Car Seats on their Own. Likewise, The Driver has to get the Cab Disinfected Daily and Keep a Sanitizer Bottle Handy.


The Best On Demand Multi Service App in the Market is KINGX 2022 Super App. Contact Cubetaxi Right This Second and Fulfill your Mothers’ Dream of her Son or Daughter becoming an Entrepreneur!

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