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Why is my AC leaking water? 5 Causes & Solutions

Make sure your air conditioner works efficiently to avoid summer discomfort. It has never occurred to us to have our air conditioner fixed or serviced since there is no need to do so as long as it is operating as it should be, and we have no intention of changing that. It is conceivable that this might result in the components of the air conditioner breaking down, the most frequent of which is the air conditioner leaking water. Let’s look at some of the most typical issues that lead to leaking air conditioning, as well as the ways that air conditioning may be fixed.

If water is coming out of the main unit, then there is a problem with the operation of the air conditioner’s main unit, which results in the air conditioner leaking water. In addition, this is the reason why water is flowing from your air conditioning unit. There is a good likelihood that the creation of such a problem was caused by the interaction of more than one factor. This is a substantial possibility. This is an incredibly possible course of events. If you don’t mind, I’d want to talk about several of them with you. Shall we?

Improper Installation:

If your new air conditioner is leaking, it was probably wrongly installed, but there are other explanations. If your new air conditioner is leaking, it was probably poorly installed. If your brand-new air conditioner is leaking, the installation was most likely done incorrectly. Imagine that your brand new air conditioner has a leak in it. Neither the air conditioner nor the drainage pipes seem to be of a size that is commensurate with the contents that they hold. These variables interrupt water flow from the drainage pan to the outlet because they slow it down. The water may flow backward or keep its level if it can’t move. Both are likely. When installing air conditioning, ensure the pipe is lower than the main unit. This is important during installation. These processes ensure the system’s proper operation. The water won’t encounter impediments as it goes downhill to the drainage exit. Emergency ac Repair services can assist if you need help installing your air conditioner.

Pipe in the Sewer that is Clogged:

It is possible that the drainage pipe of your air conditioning unit can get clogged if you allow dirt and debris to accumulate for a significant amount of time. Because of this, the condensate will not be able to leave the building through the drainage system if it collects. If the water is unable to exit the building in the normal manner, it will accumulate within the primary air-conditioning unit, leading to an overflow. As a direct consequence of this action, water will begin to seep out of your air conditioner. You must clean your air conditioner consistently to maintain good working order. Contact a competent and professional emergency AC Repair Temecula provider to repair your air conditioning equipment most simply and conveniently possible. This will allow you to repair your air conditioning equipment most quickly and effectively.

Dust and Debris have Blocked the Air Filter:

Because the air that is recirculated inside the air conditioning unit carries pollution with it, there is a possibility that the air conditioner’s filters may get contaminated as a result of the pollution. As a consequence of this, there is a risk that the airflow over the evaporator coils will be impeded, which will cause the coils’ temperature to decrease to a point where it is likely that they will freeze. In such a scenario, condensation does not develop on the coils; ice starts to build on top of the coils, resulting in an excessive volume of water flowing into the drainage pan. This is because the ice prevents water from evaporating off the coils. As soon as the pan cannot contain any more water, the air conditioner will begin to leak water through the main unit.

This process will continue indefinitely until the pan is empty. Once the pan has been depleted, the procedure will be repeated. It is recommended that you clean the air conditioner at least once a month to remove the dust and other particles that have built up inside it over time. You may be able to find solutions to problems like these by reading the troubleshooting handbook that is included with your air conditioner and looking through the troubleshooting steps. Get in touch with a company that provides emergency AC repair in Temecula and ask for their assistance in maintaining and repairing your air conditioner. This is an additional choice. You may accomplish this by phoning the number that they provided.

Low Gas and Refrigerant Levels:

When there is a leak in the refrigerant, commonly known as the AC gas (the more popular phrase), the pressure inside the air conditioning system decreases. This is because the more common term for refrigerant is AC gas. The leakage of the refrigerant is to blame for this problem. Evaporator coils will freeze and water will overflow from the drainage pan as an immediate consequence.

Damaged Drain Pan:

If the air conditioner you have is an older model, the drain pan that collects the condensate may have rusted over to the point that it is no longer functional, or it may have been entirely ruined. In this kind of scenario, the water won’t gather; rather, it will seep through the main unit.

Is there any Way that the Current Situation may be Improved?

You may be asking what measures to take to repair the air conditioner now that you know the several possible causes of the leak in your air conditioning system. This is a natural question, given that you now understand the problem better. The harm that has already been done will, to a significant degree, be a determining factor in the solution to this problem. You can find solutions to the majority of the problems that have been presented. On the other hand, several other problems, such as the water not draining properly or leaking, may need an experienced expert’s intervention to be fixed.

What are the most Typical Causes of Leakage Problems, and How can they be Prevented? (Solutions)

The enduring issues can be worked on, and in the end, they can be brought back under control. This topic was discussed at an earlier point in the dialogue. Let’s find out all that is even somewhat possible, shall we?

  1. Re-installation: As soon as you realise that the issue is caused by an improper or ineffective approach to air conditioning installation, you need to immediately Need AC Repair Temecula for a comprehensive evaluation and a re-installation if one is required.
  2. This should be done as soon as you realise the problem is caused by an improper or ineffective approach to air conditioning installation. This stage has to be completed as quickly as time permits.
  3. Clearing the blocked drain pipe by removing the object blocking it: If you come across a drainage pipe clogged, you can use either a wet or a dry pump to remove the blockage. This choice is yours to make if you come across the pipe. As a consequence of this, the obstruction will be gone, and the water will be able to drain without any difficulty at all.
  4. The replacement drain pan has been put in place: A new drain pan must be installed as quickly as possible if the old one is broken or damaged.
  5. Ensure that the air filter has been thoroughly cleaned: It is important to do periodic maintenance on the air conditioner by cleaning the filter inside it. You are compelled to remove the filter from the air conditioner at certain time intervals, such as once a month, to clean it while it is immersed in moving water while simultaneously doing so.


It might be pretty inconvenient if there was an issue with the air conditioner causing leaks. To keep the temperature in the room at a comfortable level, it is essential to have air conditioning; nevertheless, the leakage will cause a mess to be generated. Find out where the leak is coming from and what you can do to avoid it from occurring again so that you don’t have to keep washing the floor repeatedly. This saves time.

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