Why you Should Embed Facebook Reviews on Website

Meta Description: Want to know why you should embed Facebook reviews on your website. Check out this article, here we have listed some amazing reasons to do so.

Facebook has been one of the most influential social media platforms and always comes up with something to help businesses. Whether it’s Facebook Ads or features to promote the brand, it certainly is the brand’s favorite.

Continuing this legacy, Facebook also has the amazing review feature, where consumers provide their reviews related to a particular brand or product and recommend or not recommend it to others.

These reviews have such an impact that many brands are now actively opting to embed Facebook reviews on their website.

So if you haven’t yet jumped into this bandwagon, this article might convince you to add this strategy into your business marketing plan. In this blog you’ll find some of the major reasons as to why you should consider adding Facebook reviews to your website.

Benefits of adding Facebook reviews on website

Although there are ample reasons and benefits one can have to embed Facebook reviews on the website, we have filtered some of the major reasons that might help you to make up your mind and convince you to adopt this strategy.

Helps customers to make their buying decisions

Consumers always look for the reviews of the customers before making a purchase. It provides them the assurance of their purchase and helps them decide whether or not to trust the brand. Moreover, reviews also help them to judge the quality of the product and eventually helps them to decide on purchasing the product. After all, Who can be a better judge of a product than the person currently using it, right?

Provides different use cases of your product

Consumers often upload images or videos while using the product. And that helps the potential customers know more about the product and learn about different use cases. It also helps the consumers to understand the product from the user’s perspective. It might help brands to increase their sales and achieve their business goals.

Build a review cycle

When you showcase a review from a customer on the website, that particular customer feels valued. At the same time, it encourages other customers to write reviews and enjoy their limelight on the website. And this eventually develops a review cycle. And we all know that the more reviews, the better for the brand.

Helps to strengthen your Facebook presence

When you embed Facebook reviews on website, it provides a sneak into your Facebook presence to your visitors. And if someone is unaware about your Facebook page, the embedding reviews might introduce them to your Facebook page. And as they have the option to follow you there, it eventually helps you strengthen your Facebook presence.

After all, it is important to have a strong social media presence in today’s world of social media dominance. Because people often determine the quality and reputation of a brand based on their social media strength.

Adds visitor engagement on website

With the ease of the internet, customers find comfort with online purchases and eCommerce. Hence, brands are now looking to build a more attractive and engaging website to woo customers and create a positive impression. And for that, Facebook reviews on the website come to the rescue.

As mentioned above, consumers always look for reviews before making any purchase decision, and they often read more reviews to cement their decision. So, it won’t be wrong to say, reviews keep them hooked and engaged. The embedded Facebook reviews can help increase visitor engagement on the website and eventually helps in creating a good impression.

Reduces bounce rate of website

Reviews have the potential to keep the reader hooked for long periods. Hence, when they have the option to read reviews on the website, it might increase their time spent on the website as they go through the reviews. That means a decreased bounce rate. And reduced bounce rate can do wonders for a website. Some of the benefits of a reduced bounce rate are boosting the search engine ranking, helping to establish brand awareness, and more.

Develops brand reputation

When you showcase customer reviews on the website, your brand cares for the consumers and acknowledges customer feedback. That eventually helps develop a brand reputation and helps brands win the trust of potential customers. It also reveals that your brand is transparent and has nothing to hide.

Summing It Up…

We all know how important reviews are for the brand and for customers. It helps customers make their purchase decisions and learn about the product or brand. And for businesses – it helps them to understand the reception of their brand and see the customer demand. While, it is essential to gather reviews for the brands, at the same time, it is equally important to showcase them to the customer, or else what will be the point of collecting all reviews.

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