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4 Apps That Are Undoubtedly Incredible

Do you check your phone a lot? If you are anything like an average user, the chances are you do! According to Buildfire, an average American user checks their phone approximately 262 times a day. And over 88 percent of screen time is attributed to apps.

Whether you are keeping in touch with your friends via social media apps or beating your score in a game, apps have become an integral part of modern life. And if you choose the right apps, they can be of immense help.

Here are four incredible apps in terms of the value they provide. Check and see if you already have them on your phone.

  1. GrubHub

Who would have thought that a time would come when we could order food without visiting or conversing with other people? There are quite a lot of food delivery apps out there. However, only a few truly come close to the service delivered by GrubHub.

If you are based in the US or London, you can benefit from this free app that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The interface of the app is quite straightforward. All you have to do is mention where you are located, and the app will show you various restaurants in your vicinity.

The good thing about GrubHub is that it allows you to filter your searches based on a given food item and cuisine.

Post COVID-19 restrictions, the app also offers contact-free delivery. If you are not comfortable interacting with the food delivery man, you can opt for this type of delivery, and the driver will leave your food at the door or wherever you instruct him to.

The quick service, the onboard partner restaurants, and the overall customer support make GrubHub an excellent app to have on your phone in 2022.

  • AirG – Meet New Friends

The seemingly never-ending pandemic has made most of us quite isolated. We spent a year in lockdown, and even now, when we are out and about, many of us struggle to meet new people as we used to before.

If you can relate to such experiences, you might want to use the aid of apps like AirG Meet New Friends. As per AirG reviews available online, this app has made a mark in the friendship app niche!

With a subscriber base of over 100 million users worldwide, AirG has managed to bring people from diverse backgrounds and locations together.

Still, you can filter your searches based on metrics like location, age, gender, or interest, thereby helping you find the type of people you are most likely to be friends with.

What sets this app apart compared to the conventional swiping apps is that AirG allows its users to interact with one another in various groups and chatrooms. You can then decide with whom you wish to take the conversation to private chat. This reduces the initial awkwardness felt in conversations.

Furthermore, the app is integrated with other AirG products, including games like Big Barn World. So, you don’t just have to talk online and instead can enjoy playing various games together.

In today’s isolated world, this app is incredible since it helps establish connections with people around (and sometimes far away from) us.

  • Tasty

Cooking is not everyone’s forte. It is easy to feel intimidated as pros mix things up and create perfect delicacies. If you feel overwhelmed learning the basic yet essential skills from such people, you are lucky it is 2022!

Multiple cooking apps can teach you how to cook and straightforwardly. And one incredible app is Tasty.

The chances are you have already come across a few of its videos on social media. Tasty is quite viral owing to its visually pleasing videos featuring easy-to-understand recipes. Well, it turns out that an app exists that offers a bulk of such recipes. 3,000, to be exact!

What makes Tasty different is how it sorts the different recipes. You can use this app to get access to step-by-step instructions on cooking various delicious meals. For starters, you can filter meals by the difficulty of the recipe, occasion, dietary needs, and ingredients.

Since the app has food recipes for both foodies and health-conscious individuals, it is usable by every novice cook.

  • Podcast Addict

Are you tired of streaming shows on popular platforms like Netflix and Disney+? Well, maybe it is time to give your eyes some rest and move to other entertainment mediums. One such form is Podcasts. Once you enter the world, it is hard to come out.

If you are already an addict or are willing to give it a try, you will find Podcast Addict an ideal app to have on your phone. This is because this app has a plethora of podcasts for you to listen to, virtually everything in this niche!

The interface of Podcast Addict is quite simple. You can organize your feed as per your interests. Also, the app allows you to download specific podcasts for offline listening. Once you are done with listening to all the shows you are aware of, you can use the browse by category feature to discover new treasures.

The app is not free. You have to pay a single premium fee to access its collection. But, once you do, you are free to create your playlist and listen to as many podcasts as you want.

Ending Remarks

Apart from the mainstream apps that are sure to take up most of your screen time, give these four incredible apps a try (if you haven’t already). Each of these apps has managed to deliver immense value in its niche.

They are likely to transform your day for the better.

Are there any other apps you think deserve to be on this list? Let us all know by commenting below.

Abdul Rehman

Abdul Rehman is a tech aficionado with a keen interest in exploring the latest innovations and trends. With 5 years of experience, his insightful commentary and in-depth analysis keep readers informed and engaged, offering valuable perspectives on the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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