7 Back Exercises to Reduce Back Pain and Increase Strength

Since the world has become a global village and everyone is surrounded by science and technology, the narrative that Health is wealth has become a myth now. People don’t believe it anymore as they are busy earning money while overlooking their health.

In current times, it’s not challenging to become financially stable, find a dream job, or take admission to a dream college. But, what’s the toughest is maintaining your health and keeping your body in shape. 

It’s not something people can’t do but the diet, eating habits, and routine is hectic and now, everyone needs a quick solution. If you feel weak, get yourself a glucose drip and you are good to go. If you are feeling pain in the body, get a pain killer and it’s done.

Taking a temporary solution is not a cure and that’s where the generation is stuck. Building your strength and reducing the pain, especially back pain can be done through medication. But, for more lasting results, exercising is the best.

There are many myths and misconceptions circulating among people because of the plethora of information on the internet. Among those myths, the very common one is that you only do the gym and exercise, when you want your body to look desirable or in perfect shape. But, that’s not true. You can build great strength, strong muscles, and a balanced body through it. If you are a fitness freak but couldn’t find a trusted place to get expert advice or consult your health-related issues, Fitness Paradise.

If you don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash and still want to look smart and in shape, here are some easy-peasy lemon squeezy exercises. These will help your body to be flexible and reduce back pain.

Knee to Chest

Back pain is common and people of every age are suffering from it. The reason might be different but the intensity is the same and horrible.

If you are an introvert, you can do it at home easily.

Lay down on the floor with your back on and bend your knees while keeping your feet flat on the floor.

Grab your right leg (the lower part) with the help of your both hands. Now, clasps your hands right under the knees. Now, gently pull the right knee up to your chest. Now, you will feel a slight stretch in your back.

Keep your right knee against the chest for up to 30 to 60 seconds. During your session, make sure to relax your legs, back, and hips.

Now, keep the right leg on the floor and do the steps with your left leg.

Trunk Rotation

This exercise step is great to build strength and lessen backache. All you have to do is, lie down on the floor in a relaxing position and lose your body. Stretch your hands out to the sides, with your palms face-down on the floor.

Now bend your knees and rotate them side by side. First, roll the knees to your right sides and hold for a few seconds.

Now, return to the starting position and do the same step to the life for at least 15 to 20 seconds.

For better results, repeat the same step on both sides.

Raise Your Hips

This exercise is a great way to strengthen your hip, back, and shoulder muscles. The exercise starts with you laying straight on the floor. Bend your knees and keep your sole flat on the ground. Now, lift your hip and back to your shoulder. The weight will be divided between your shoulder and the sole of the feet. Lift your hip and back for a few seconds and repeat the exercise 4-8 times.

Ankle And Knee Exercise

This exercise is to strengthen your back and knees. To perform this exercise, lie on the floor and make sure that your tailbone touches the ground. Bend your knees and put one of your ankles on the other foot’s knee. The knee that is floating in the air, start pushing it down using your hand. Hold your breath for a few seconds and repeat the exercise. 

Stretch Like A Cat

This exercise is one of the easiest to do at home. This is very good for your lower back. There are two parts to this lower back exercise. First of all put your hands and knees on the floor like an animal, your back above the ceiling. 

For the first part relax your neck and inhale.  Hold your breath and after a few seconds exhale. 

The second part includes stretching your abdomen and firmly uplifting your head towards the ceiling. Hold your breath for a few seconds and then exhale.

Stretch Till Your Heels

This exercise is similar to the cat stretch with a little twist. Take your position like an animal. Keep your neck and back straight but your elbow moving. Move your lower body backward to touch your heel. Hold this position for a few minutes. Keep it stiff. Inhale and hold your breath for a few seconds and then exhale while going back to your original position. 

The Child Pose

Thi9s one another easy-to-do stretch exercise. Start by sitting back and moving with your hands, and head towards the front. Keep your knees and your heels on the floor and let the hand and head do the stretch. Stretch as long as you can. Take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds and exhale it. Repeat it 5-10 times.


Strengthening your back and getting rid of the pain both are interconnected. You can achieve strength by doing regular strengthening exercises. These exercises will not only help you with your pain but will also help you make your body flexible. 

You can join facilities like Fitness Paradise for consultation and help regarding your fitness and health. It will help you heal your injuries and get rid of any pain. The above-mentioned exercises are recommended by physiotherapists and can easily be done at home.

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