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8 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Are you in need of purchasing an exhaust fan for your kitchen?

Remember kitchen space comes with the basic necessity of well-ventilation and cleanliness. The best way to accomplish it is to get a reliablekitchen exhaust faninstalled. This kitchen equipment serves as a focal point in the kitchen for aesthetical needs and functional requirements. It gathers and throws away the grease, dirt, smoke, heat, and foul smell released during cooking.

However, not all the exhaust systems fit in every kitchen type. The choice depends on multiple factors: kitchen size, layout, type of food cooked, etc. Furthermore, with the wide range of kitchen exhausts available, choosing the ideal meeting the needs is quite challenging.

In this write-up, we will discuss vital things to be considered in choosing the perfect kitchen exhaust fan.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Consider Kitchen Layout

The kitchen layout is a significant factor to be considered to exactly assess the space you have for exhaust fan installation. It is always advised to install the fan about 24-30 inches over the cooktop. The exhaust fans are usually mounted on the ceilings or against the walls of the kitchen depending on its overall layout.

Type of Food Cooked

Multiple cuisines mean varying food requirements. If your kitchen only requires well-condensation and ventilation, you can go with installing Type II range hoods. However, if the food preparation includes frying, steaming, and grilling, the grease production will be more. As a result, the Type I system is the ideal choice to keep the healthy airflow and dirt particles out of the kitchen.

Besides, the equipment such as ovens, grillers, fryers, and steamers accumulates a lot of dirt and grease build-up. Thus giving rise to mold, mildew, and bacteria. Hence, the proper airflow in the kitchen can ensure the equipment remains clean. Besides, regular cleanliness is essential.

Assessing the food type cooked in your kitchen and how often the kitchen needs cleanliness can help you choose the ideal exhaust fan.

Don’t Neglect Counting on Costs

Like you consider costs for other home or commercial kitchen essentials you buy, considering the same in the case of exhaust fan is vital. The product’s material, size, type, and special features affect the pricing.

Hence, before finalizing the exhaust fan, perform thorough research. Compare the costs offered by multiple manufacturers and visit the stores to explore the variations. Additionally, assessing the labor cost for installation or need for kitchen exhaust repair is essential to be considered. The reason is they can add up quickly to the overall budget.

Overall, skipping over and examining pricey options will save a tonne of time.

Fan Power

You can install a regular kitchen hood system if your kitchen is indulged in light cooking. However, seeking expert assistance in choosing a high-grade exhaust fan is necessary. Especially when your kitchen is more into grilling or frying food with the release of strong smells and excessive smoke.

The cooking type and kitchen space define the power of the fan required to keep the space clean and prevent the accumulation of foul smells. The better way to assess the fan power is to multiply the ceiling height with the space’s length and breadth.

Think of Exhaust Fan Installation Area

When we talk about the exhaust fan noise, you might not be aware that it relies entirely on the fan’s placement. Noise generated by the fan is the main concern and reason why most people do not prefer installing it. Especially the home kitchen owners. So, before buying the exhaust fan, do ensure to check the fan’s sone rating. After all, it is said that higher CFM leads to an increase in sone rating and the fan noise.

Think About Maintenance Requirements

Kitchen exhaust fans and their filters, blades, and other elements require regular cleaning and professional inspection once or twice a year. You can expect the proper functionality only when the fan’s surfaces are kept grease and dirt free. Allowing such particulates to accumulate on the filters will only lead to increased possibilities of fire hazards or poor fan performance.

Finalizing how frequently the cleaning kitchen exhaust fan will depend on the cooking volume and type. Furthermore, if you own a commercial kitchen that is busy 24*7 or involves grilling or frying may require professional cleaning services annually.

So, when exploring varying kitchen hood options, confirm what care and maintenance type is required depending on the cooking activities. Also, make sure the fan’s components are easily accessible and removable for cleaning purposes.

Choose Exhaust Type

Exhaust fans come in multiple types: vented and non-vented systems. The ducted one uses the vents to enable the dirty or unclean air out of the kitchen. Such vent systems can be installed either vertically or horizontally. For example, you can pick the under cabinets range hoods for horizontal placement through the ceiling. Similarly, you can get the island hoods installed vertically.

On the other hand, the ductless system depends on no ducts. The exhaust fans collect all the air particulates and recirculate the clean air throughout the kitchen.

Examine Exhaust Fan Noise

No exhaust fan can be powerful or worth the investment if it makes loud noise whenever you switch it on. In this case, it is always advised to use a range hood type that directs the air toward the hood’s edge rather than the bigger area. This way, the hood works more efficiently and reduces the noise level as well. Also, ensure you test the exhaust fan functioning in the store before you make the purchase.


Regardless of whether you have a residential kitchen or a large and well-established commercial kitchen, proper airflow is essential. Here, considering all these factors like budget consideration, exhaust fan type, and more helps to achieve a productive and comfortable kitchen environment. Also, knowing what is going on in the kitchen is vital so you can choose the exhaust system that fits the need rightly and lasts for a long time. 

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