Kitchen Knife Holder With Filler

When choosing kitchen accessories, modern consumers consider two main factors: functionality and stylish appearance. A convenient and useful tool is the padded knife holder, which is increasingly being chosen as an alternative to the usual slotted products for knives of a particular shape and size. The brush holder is more versatile (it fits different Chef knives sets and holds many blades) and can decorate the kitchen itself thanks to its aesthetic appearance.

Types Of Brushes Stand For Knives

It is a body consisting of several flexible rods or fibers mounted on an inner bracket. Helps organize the compact and convenient location of knives on the kitchen counter while ensuring their safety. Inside you can have blades of any material: stainless steel, high carbon steel, Damascus steel, or ceramic. In contact with the load, the blades do not deform. The blades do not touch each other, which is also important to maintain the sharpness and integrity of the edges. 

The filling is hygienic and does not promote bacterial growth or absorb moisture. It can be made from:

Polypropylene Fiber

Inside the box are several spaghetti sticks of the same thickness and length. But colors can vary, please all design ideas. The material is synthetic, made of food-grade polymer, which is environmentally friendly and harmless to health, and does not cause allergies. The base usually comes apart easily for washing and cleaning by hand or in the dishwasher. In addition, the blade holder filled with high-quality PP fiber is durable and wear-resistant.

Graphite Rubber

The fibers are similarly deposited on a support, but the structure and materials of manufacture are different. The temples are still black and appear “rubbery”. This holder is also suitable for organizing the correct storage of knives, it does not damage the blades and ensures their safety, it is hygienic and safe. The downside is that the sticks don’t fit close together, so the knife can slip. For a more secure installation, it is recommended to have several knives inside. Graphite rubber sealant lasts longer than polypropylene but also costs more.

Bamboo Sticks 

Are the most affordable material, but they are also short-lived. It is often used to make a DIY brush holder. Natural wood is environmentally friendly, but deteriorates quickly, accumulates pollution, and becomes a favorable environment for the growth of microorganisms and molds.

Choose a case for a kitchen knife holder.

As far as manufacturing materials, rack sh, apes, and colors are concerned, the choice is very diverse. Here’s what the body can do:


The tree’s Environmental and natural materials are suitable for kitchens in any interior. When choosing, it is worth giving preference to hardwoods and the presence of stable moisture that protects against moisture. During operation, it is also important to minimize contact with liquids and keep the blade completely dry.


is the most common material, cheap, convenient, and easy to use, with many options for product shapes and colors. Plastic produced by global brands does not scratch, does not harm health, is not afraid of moisture, and the design of the product is modern. Clear plastic holders have been manufactured that look like glass but are strong and durable.


The most preferred is stainless steel. It can be matte or shiny. It is not afraid of moisture and looks beautiful, but the material requires special care (fingerprints may remain) and delicate washing (hand washing without the use of abrasives).


It looks aesthetically pleasing but is inferior to other materials in practical properties – fragile and difficult to maintain.

As for the models, they are most in demand in cylindrical as well as rectangular and square shapes. It doesn’t take up much space on the counter and can hold 10 blades at a time.

Care Of The Stand With Filler.

Depending on the type of load, one or the other approach to washing and cleaning the product is recommended. Bamboo sticks cannot be cleaned, only completely replaced. Polypropylene and graphite rubber are very easy to maintain. To maintain hygiene, it is enough to periodically remove the paste from the body and rinse under running water with a sponge and detergent. After drying, the filling snaps back into place and the appearance of the new and used material remains nearly identical even after several years of purchase.

When choosing a universal knife holder with filler, give preference to products from well-known brands. They have certificates confirming the quality assurance and safety of manufacturing materials. Such coasters do not have an unpleasant smell and do not emit harmful substances, they do not deteriorate over time and look stylish and modern.

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