Manual to Filing TDS Returns Via Adept TDS Software in 2023

Complete Guide to File TDS Returns Via Adept TDS Software

Adept TDS software is an end-to-end solution that helps you file your Tax Deducted At Source or Tax Collected At Source quarterly returns. The software makes filing your taxes a cakewalk by providing various features like auto calculation of tax liability as per slabs and downloading Form 16/16A/27D directly from the NSDL website.  

Besides being easy to use and error-free, Adept TDS software offers maximum data security with features like 128-bit encryption and password protection. So if you are looking for a reliable yet user-friendly software solution to e-file your TDS or TCS Returns, look no further than Adept Info systems PVT. LTD!

What is TDS, and why is it important?

TDS is a tax levied by the government on certain types of income at the source of income. This means the tax is deducted from your income before reaching you. The government does this to collect taxes more efficiently and timely.

It is essential to know about TDS because it affects how you’ll receive your earnings. For example, if you raise a bill for Rs 10,000 and the payer is supposed to deduct 10% TDS from that amount, you will only receive Rs 9,000 in your bank account, while the remaining Rs 1,000 has been deducted as tax at source. And suppose you want to receive this money back. In that case, the payer needs to file their TDS returns & give you a “Tax Deduction Certificate” or “Certificate of Deduction of Tax at Source”

As a payer, you are responsible for deducting tax at source & depositing the same with the Government. If you fail to do so, you may have to incur heavy penalties.

How does it Work?

To use the software, you will need to create an account. After that, you can log in and add details about your deductions. You will need to provide information like the name and PAN number of the deductor, the amount deducted, etc. Once you fill in all these details, you can submit your return electronically. This entire process is straightforward to follow with Adept TDS Software. All it requires are basic computer skills and knowledge about taxes deduction & payment procedures.

Steps to file TDS returns using Adept TDS Software

Filing your TDS returns can be a complicated process. But Adept TDS makes it easy with just a few simple steps:

  • Download and install Adept TDS software onto your computer. You can do this by visiting the website or contacting the sales team. Our software is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems.
  • Enter your PAN number into the software. It is necessary for identification purposes when filing your return online.  
  • Enter the assessment year for which you wish to file your return. The current assessment year is 202-20.
  • Select the form type that applies to you from the dropdown menu. It will be either 24Q, 26Q and so on.
  • Enter your name, address and contact details into the software.
  • Upload all relevant TDS certificates in PDF format. You can download these from your employer or TDS deductor’s website or obtain them from the office on request.
  • The software will now calculate your total tax liability and any refund due to you based on the information entered and certificates uploaded.
  • Finally, hit submit! Your TDS return will be filed electronically with the Income Tax Department within minutes!

Advantages of using Adept TDS Software

Adept TDS is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use web application that facilitates the entire gamut of activities related to a tax deduction and collection at the source.

It eliminates the tedious, time-consuming and often error-prone process of manual data entry, calculation & validation while reducing the processing time & increased accuracy.

  • Helps You Focus on what’s Important: The software provides an overview of your entire business, so you can quickly identify what needs your attention. This allows you to focus on the most critical tasks and avoid getting bogged down in the details.
  • Saves You Time: Adept TDS Software automates many tasks that would otherwise take up your time, such as data entry and report generation.  It will allow you to stay focused on other areas of your business.
  • Increases Your Efficiency: By automating repetitive tasks and providing easy-to-use tools, Adept TDS Software makes getting things done quickly and efficiently easier. This increases your overall productivity and allows you to get more out of each workday.

Some more benefits:

  • Verify PAN
  • Download certificates
  • Built-in salary and non-salary TDS modules
  • Auto download TDS files and make corrections (if any)


If you’re trying to file TDS returns without the right software, it can feel like there is endless information to go through. And if you’re doing it by hand, you’re likely to make mistakes, miss details, or forget steps altogether. The good news is you have options for filing TDS returns via user-friendly software. Adept TDS Software — one click can save you hours (or days) worth of effort. Get it today!

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