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Approximately How Much Does Toilet Repair Cost?

There’s no way you can ignore a broken toilet. You should find a plumber as soon as possible and estimate costs as soon as possible. A broken toilet usually costs between $148 and $360 to fix, with homeowners paying a median of $251. Plumbers may charge a flat fee for a project in some cases.

Generally, plumbers in rural areas charge between $45 and $75 an hour. Depending on the area, homeowners may have to pay between $75 and $200 an hour in more expensive metropolitan areas. Regardless of whether the pro charges by the project or by the hour, both labor and materials will be included in the price.

Types of Toilet Problems and Their Costs

Most toilet repairs can cost between $50 and $700, depending on the problem. A clogged drain could cost $700, while a loose toilet can cost $50.


An average toilet leak can cost $50 to $600 to repair. It may occur for a variety of reasons and may occur anywhere. Damaged wax seals are the most common and easiest to fix. It can cost more than $300 to repair your toilet tank and bowl. If left unattended, leaking toilets can cause serious damage to your subfloor if left unattended. It is crucial to fix leaks as soon as possible to prevent them from causing more damage.

Running Water

If the toilet runs, expect to spend $50 to $400. If the tank has too much water, you can fix it easily, quickly, and affordably. However, if the refill tube or the flange is damaged, it is more likely to cost you more. Although not a critical issue, you should still get it taken care of sooner rather than later because you’re wasting water and money. 

Loose Toilet

It normally costs $50 to $150 to fix a loose toilet. The job is relatively straightforward and involves replacing the wax seal and possibly reseating the toilet. Although it is a relatively straightforward task, it is best to hire a pro to handle it to avoid leaks and further stability issues.


You can expect to pay $60 to $200 to fix a slow-running toilet. It is usually caused by a defective filler valve and may be accompanied by gurgling, whistling, or other strange sounds. The replacement is usually easy, and the job isn’t difficult. 

How Much Does Toilet Repair Cost By Part?

Instead of replacing a large portion of the toilet setup, most toilet repairs involve just replacing one or two parts. Some of the most common replacement parts cost between $50 and $300, depending on the issue. See below for details.

Wax Ring/Seal

There is no charge for replacing a toilet seal ring, also known as a wax seal, except for labor and materials. It is relatively inexpensive to replace the wax ring itself, at around $2 to $10, but it takes time and expertise to do so. The nearest flange may also need to be replaced, increasing the project cost.

Toilet Seal Ring


The cost of replacing a toilet tank, including labor and materials, ranges from $80 to $250. When toilet tanks get old or abused, they can develop cracks or holes that cause them to leak. As a plumber drains and dries the tank and applies a coat of waterproof epoxy or sealant to the tank, expect to pay $50 to $80 for minor damage. 

According to Jeff Botelho, a Massachusetts-licensed journeyman plumber and member of the Angi Expert Review Board, chemical cleaning products should not be used in toilet tanks. In addition to damaging the flapper and other parts, they can invalidate your toilet’s warranty. Don’t be fooled by discoloration inside your toilet tank: your water is clean, says Botelho.


Toilet bowls can be repaired for $100 to $300, including labor and materials. With some basic DIY skills, you can fix minor cracks in the bowl with epoxy resin, saving you a lot of money on hiring a handyman. For more significant damage, you’ll need to hire a pro. The bowl comprises most of the fixture, so it may have a variety of problems. Bowls can develop minor issues over time. Accidents can mark, crack, or damage them, and broken bowls can lead to leaks and wobbling.


If the toilet itself doesn’t work, the problem may be a faulty drain pipe that costs $100 to $3,900, including labor and materials. It all depends on where and what the problem is in the pipe like clogging. Clogging is caused by the best toilet paper flushed in the toilet seat. It is possible to pay more than $100 for a small leak just below the flange. However, for a substantial blockage, root incursion, or corroded pipe, you may need to pay $3,900 or more. Plumbing lines can be repaired or replaced at a cost provided by your plumber.


Most clogged drains are minor and can be easily rectified by the homeowner or plumbing professional. A clogged toilet drain costs anywhere from $75 to $700, including labor and materials. Nonetheless, more significant clogs require the removal of the toilet and perhaps the drain itself, which is why this problem can be expensive.

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