Best Gemstones for Pets and Where to Find Them

It’s no secret that raw gemstone jewelry has plenty of benefits, both physical and mental (and spiritual). But a lot of pet parents are probably curious if raw gemstone jewelry also has benefits for their four-legged friends.

The short answer? Yes!

Just like gemstones provide us with a mental boost and overall better health, they can also heal and soothe our pets. Pets may not wear jewelry, but they can still experience the therapeutic benefits of gemstone in a variety of ways:

  • Place a gemstone under their bed or crate
  • Attach them in your pet’s collar or harness
  • Add gemstones to their water (check which gemstones are safe first) for your pet to drink or bathe in
  • Put gemstones in whatever area your pets hang out

Best Gemstones for Pets

If you want your pets to experience the powers of gemstones, there are some we recommend that will truly improve your pet’s life, from soothing their anxiousness to easing their physical pain.


Amethyst crystals are known for their healing vibrations. This makes them a great choice for older pets that need heart, skin, stomach, or digestion support on top of vet-recommended medicine. You will notice an improvement in your pet’s mood since amethyst also reduces anxiousness, including separation anxiety, while simultaneously relieving their aches and pains.


This gemstone is perfect for social situations or transportation. Whether it’s a visit to the vet or time to go to the dog park, carnelian can give your pet courage. Shy and timid pets can benefit from carnelian since it will make them feel a lot braver in social situations. This can reduce defensive or aggressive behavior that dogs and cats with low self-esteem often turn to when they feel overwhelmed around other people or pets.

Rose Quartz

While rose quartz makes for beautiful jewelry, it’s also one of the most popular gemstones for pets. Luckily Ice Imports has this gemstone as both bracelets and rings as well as raw gemstone jewelry that’s perfect for pets. Rose quartz has a positive energy that will make anti-social or unfriendly pets a lot more open to companionship.

Rose quartz is great to have around when you’re introducing two pets to each other for the first time. When a new kitten comes to your home, keep rose quartz in the kitten’s area as well as around where your adult cat hangs out. Have a shy foster dog? Put rose quartz on their collar to ease their fear and anxiousness. 


This gemstone strengthens your pet’s immune system, reducing infections and sickness. Bloodstone can also support recovery from existing infections. Keep bloodstone under your pet’s bed so they can get its healing vibes while relaxing.


Horse lovers? This one’s for you! This gemstone is known as a blood and muscle booster, helping sick pets or ones that have just undergone surgery. Hematite can help them regain their strength. Horse owners will often put hematite in trailers when traveling to keep skittish horses calmer. You can also place hematite under their saddle while riding to encourage them to be more confident and relaxed.


Your pet can relax both physically and mentally with citrine thanks to its healing energies. Citrine is known to support healthy digestion, making it a great gemstone for pets that need an extra boost to their skin, intestines, bladder, kidneys, and liver. Citrine can provide overall health balance for pets that need to feel relaxed and comforted.


This is a nurturing gemstone that is well known for its grounding qualities. Nervous pets should have jasper nearby to keep them from acting irrationally. If you have a cat that hides when guests come over or a dog that growls when other pets approach him, try keeping jasper nearby to soothe them and alleviate their nerves.

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl has protective properties, making it an impactful gemstone for pets that are anxious or fearful. Mother of Pearl nurtures your pets in a sense, giving them comfort even in the scariest of moments. This is a great gemstone to keep on their collar during a vet visit or when you move to a new home. Put it in your cat’s carrier when you have to bring them on a long car trip or plane ride.


Pets going through a big change can benefit from agate. If you have a new family member in the home or have moved to a new house, you may notice your pet acting a bit skittish or anxious. Agate can keep your pet’s body nourished, helping them adapt to environmental changes with ease. Agate is also great to have nearby at night to help your pet develop a healthy sleep pattern. Others use it during training sessions since your pet is more open to change and communication.

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