Common Health Issues That Can Cause People to Seek Social Security Benefits

Social Security disability benefits are enjoyed by millions of people who can be disabled employees, disabled adult children, or disabled widows and widowers. These individuals suffer from different disabilities and health conditions. But some injuries and diagnoses can usually get applications approved for benefits. If you are wondering if your disability qualifies you for disability benefits, consider consulting with a disability attorney. This attorney can also walk you through other requirements set by the SSA before granting benefits. Below are the common health issues that can qualify you for benefits:

Musselshell Disorders

A lot of approved social security disability claims involve musculoskeletal disorders and issues. These issues are part of the SSA’s Listing of Impairments. This category includes diagnoses such as lumbar spinal stenosis and all skeletal spine disorders that have compromised nerve roots. Such disorders lead to serious and unrelenting back pain, which forces a person to quit their job and seek social security disability benefits. Amputations, major joint abnormalities, and pathologic fractures also belong to this category. 

Respiratory Issues

Workers may sustain respiratory issues due to genetic issues, dangerous chemical exposure at work, or toxins exposure in daily life. Diagnoses that are under this category include asthma, respiratory failure, and chronic respiratory disorders. Usually, respiratory problems require intensive intervention and significant rest. 

Digestive System Orders

These health issues affect nutrient absorption, frequency of bathroom use, and the amount of energy obtained from food. A person with a digestive disorder can become weak and malnourished even if they maintain a balanced, nutritious diet. This disorder requires a sufferer to stop working if they have to take several trips to the bathroom every day. In this case, they won’t be able to perform their job duties properly. 

Heart Disease

Heart issues are one of the main reasons people seek social security benefits. This category includes chronic heart failure, heart transplants, ischemic heart disease, and congenital heart disease. 


Diabetes is an endocrine disorder. More commonly, people with Type 2 diabetes seek disability benefits. This type is of diabetes results from unhealthy lifestyle habits. It can be controlled through more exercise, an improved diet, and caloric restriction. Usually, when diabetes is not managed properly, it can result in more severe health issues. 

Accidental Injuries

No matter the accident a person was involved in, they can sustain serious injuries. If such injuries require a person to rest for a minimum of one year before they can fully recover from it, they may want to seek SSD benefits. Sometimes, accident-related injuries may it impossible for a person to work again. 

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