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Why Brands Need To Embed Facebook Reviews On Shopify Store?

When you take the help of customer reviews to reflect your offerings, the users get convinced because it is more authentic than the product description itself! According to research, 90% of consumers read reviews before visiting a business website. You can convert your casual browsers into immediate buyers by adding reviews to your website.

Facebook is one of the trusted and popular social media platforms where consumers post reviews to share their experiences with brands. The users trust their friends, peers, and other people from their circle compared to a brand itself! So, providing them a chance to get trusted reviews from Facebook on the website will enhance their trust in you.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows you to set up your online business, manage it and grow with it. Customer reviews are helpful for websites like Shopify. There are a lot of benefits to Embed Facebook reviews on Shopify store. Want to know more about it? Keep reading then!

Embedding Facebook Reviews On Shopify Store- Benefits For Brands

1. Increase Conversion

Displaying facebook reviews on the website creates an urge among users to go with your brand and purchase. According to a study, adding reviews on the website can enhance conversion by 270%. Reviews are a kind of social proof of your brand.

Attaching customer reviews from Facebook will help your target audience to have social proof of your brand. It will make the audience believe that you are an authentic brand. It leads to making you generate more revenue.

2. Flourish Engagement Of Users With The Brand

Trust is a contributing factor in building and enhancing engagement. Facebook reviews help you gain the trust of the target audience. It will make them more engaged. Facebook reviews on Shopify can demonstrate the genuine experience of your customers. It helps to make the audience take an immediate purchase decision.

Embedding Facebook reviews on Shopify benefits you as a brand as it gives a memorable experience to visitors. It attracts the browsers and holds their attention. It contributes to an effective interaction of browsers with the brand.

3. Make The Brands Look More Authentic

Goodwill of a Brand contributes the most in its sales. No one wants to shop with a brand that is unauthentic. It enhances the pressure of maintaining a reputation among target and already existing customers. Facebook reviews help to increase brand authenticity and make your Shopify website visitors trust you more.

Facebook reviews help demonstrate the true story of your brand and your offerings. It makes your customers more reliable and loyal to you as a brand. Displaying good experiences of your customers through Facebook reviews maintain helps to maintain your dignity and improves the brand goodwill ultimately.

4. Improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Embed Facebook reviews on your Shopify store. It will be fruitful for enhancing the SEO ranking of the website. When the browsers go through your customer reviews, they spend more time on the website. This increased amount of time leads to improved SEO ranking of the website.

Improved SEO helps to make your brand reach a wider audience. It will enhance the brand’s capacity to generate more leads.

5. Gives You A Boundless Reach

Embedding Facebook Reviews help your brand to tap the consumers who do not follow your Facebook account. It is how reviews make you reach more people who are not much active on social media.

It also urges the audience to follow you on Facebook. It is an additional advantage for your social media presence. Also, reaching out to these people makes you get some organic followers. No matter how far you reach, you must have an organic reach. Facebook reviews allow you to have that!

6. Makes Your Brand Looks Attractive

As visitors come to the Shopify store and interact with your brand, they create an impression of it in their minds. A monotonous regular presence will not hold their attention. Embedding Facebook reviews is a great idea to make the brand looks more vibrant on the Shopify store.

User-generated content makes your brand looks more lively on Shopify. It makes your brand more self-explanatory. Facebook reviews add aesthetics to your Shopify store. It will help you as a brand to create a remembering first impression. An effective first impression of the brand can convince the visitors to make a purchase too.


Choosing customers to talk about you, and displaying it to the visitors, what can be better than this? Facebook reviews directly affect the purchase decision of your customers. It helps them make quick decisions about purchasing with your brand.

The way you choose to market your brand is up to you, but I hope now you know that going with customer reviews is not a bad idea! Embed your Facebook Facebook reviews on the Shopify website now. The random visitors can become your buyers this way! I hope you’ll love it!

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