Event Catering Services: 7 Questions A Customer Should Ask

Imagine coming from a party; what would be the first question people ask? Was the food  good or bad?

Undoubtedly, food is the center of attraction in an event if you reside in Melbourne or even in any other place. Good and tasty meals lead to a successful event and bad ones can actually break it. But how to decide which are the best caterers in Melbourne region? Don’t worry; we are here to help you.

First, start your research by including the seven most important questions that a customer must ask to catering service providers. Let’s dive in!

7 Questions A Customer Must Ask Their Caterer

Q#1. What Kind of Food Caterers Are Specialized In?

Well, every event catering has its specializations. Some provide plated-style diner, while others offer buffet style, cocktail-style service, food stations, food truck catering, action stations, etc.

So ask your caterer in what style their team is specialized. Also, make clear whether they have organized a specific (similar to your program) type of event before or not. For better knowledge, try to know if your catering service provider has experience in the same field.

Once done, check the cuisine they are providing matches the type of event you are organizing. Moreover, it’s necessary to make sure your caterer offers different options for all dietary needs. It includes vegetarian, allergy-related, and vegan options.

Q#2. What Do You Recommend For Improving Event Catering?

It’s obvious that a company of food catering in Melbournewould have more knowledge than a layman. So you should put in queries related to catering if you are a little clueless. Ask your caterers to describe the type of catering and which one would be great for your event.

An experienced catering company will provide you with the best advice on the suitable one. Also, don’t forget to tell them your budget and the occasion you are organizing it for.

They will advise you on a catering style that suits your event theme, staff-to-guest ratio, guest count, and budget. The reputable and experienced company will fill their customers with more detail on the available options.

Q#3. How Much Budget Is Required For A Particular Catering Style?

Always be within your budget when organizing an event. It includes many things like; catering services, decors, outfits, etc. Be careful that you only spend the decided budget on all aspects of a program.

So ask your event catering Melbourne about the cost they are charging as well as the hidden price. Mostly in catering, they charge per plate for per guest cost. To avoid the unexpected expense, taking suggestions from experts would be a great idea.

Furthermore, take follow-up such as;

  • Setup cost
  • Chef wage
  • Gratuity included for every guest

Pro-tip for the customers: Make sure you always prioritize deciding on a budget for the catering services. Also, it would be a great starting point for managing an event. Further, a host can easily determine whether they can afford a catering style or not.

Q#4. What Does The Catering Packages Consist?

If you choose a food catering Melbourne, they will offer different services as per your demands. The package will depend on the service and breadth of the event. There might be various packages to select from.

So before choosing anyone, ensure you know everything it includes. For instance, if you have selected a per-person package, ask your caterer whether it consists of drinks, food, waiters, or they will provide only food and beverages.

To avoid last-minute misunderstandings or chaos, make sure to consider your budget. There are chances you may get excellent services in an affordable package.

Q#5. Are You Able To Manage Last Minute Changes?

Many times the event demands last-minute changes, so it’s essential to confirm with the caterer about it. Ask them if they are okay with last-minute changes in dietary plans or not. Sometimes, guests forget to mention their nutritional preferences or requirements. And this is so common at parties, so the caterer should be comfortable with this.

The most important thing is to remember to create a contract and don’t just believe in the things you have heard. As a host, ensure that every single guest is catered to well. It’s essential to verify with them how they will handle any type of chaos.

Also, ensure that the caterer outlines all the processes before an event. It will help the host to get a clear understanding of work pressure and tasks left before the BIG DAY.

Q#6. Are They Comfortable Providing A Sampling Of Their Menu?

It will be the best deal if the caterer offers a chance to sample the menu. By this, a host will get a clear idea of what to keep and which items to eliminate. Once you are invited to taste the samples, narrow down your list of things for the event. You can ask whether they will provide food samples before the big day.

Q#7. Who Is The Responsible Person To Contact Regarding An Event?

Conducting an event is stressful, so things must be sorted. Sometimes you book catering with the help of executives, but in the end, they say that the person allotted for catering-related tasks is some other.

So, to avoid this type of situation, first of all, take all catering-related people’s contact numbers and email addresses. To conduct a perfect event, you just need to know when which person should be contacted. 

Wrap Up

All the events are equally important, whether seeking birthday catering or wedding catering. Similarly, the event catering Melbourne you have chosen must know the importance of every program. They should be responsible as well as professional while working. It will be a bonus point if your caterer is a good communicator. 

Furthermore, we suggest you ask all the above-listed questions to make any event memorable for your guests.

All the best, we hope you find a suitable caterer for your special event.

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