Facts Regarding Air Jordans That you May Not be Aware of

If you enjoy sneakers, chances are you’ve heard of Air Jordan. Air Jordans are a legacy that has revolutionized sports and fashion. They are one of the world’s most successful shoe brands.

When basketball great Michael Jordan joined forces with Nike in 1984, they anticipated to make US$3 million (about. THB 92,220,000) in the first four years. However, thanks to the positive response to its debut Air Jordan I, Nike made US$126 million (about. THB 3,873,240,000) in the first year alone.

Whether you currently own a pair or are considering purchasing one, here are some intriguing facts about the brand, which is a collection of technologically sophisticated, attractively designed, comfortable, and high-performance shoes.

Michael’s agency developed the term “Air Jordan.”

We may praise David Falk, Michael’s agent from 1984 until 2003, for encouraging the basketball star to work with Nike. Jordan, an Adidas aficionado, first refused to join with Nike. When Michael refused to change his mind, Falk contacted his relatives. “I couldn’t even convince him to board the darn plane and go to the Nike campus.” “So I phoned his parents,” Falk recalls in the 10-part documentary series The Last Dance about Jordan. Michael’s mother forced him to visit Nike, resulting in a deal that included a shoe brand – Air Jordan, a term invented by Falk.

The NBA ‘banned’ the original Air Jordan.

Michael first wore an Air Jordan prototype on the basketball court on October 18, 1984. The eye-catching red-and-black sneakers would be released as the Air Jordan I the following year. The National Basketball Association (NBA), which is strict about preserving its uniform color shoe regulation, banned the sneakers and fined Michael US$5,000 (about. THB 153,745) each time he wore them. Nike capitalized on the ruling by creating a marketing campaign based on NBA regulations before releasing the Air Jordan I, which was priced at US$65 (approx. THB 1,998).

The ‘Jumpman’ logo debuted on Air Jordan III.

The ‘Jumpman’ is one of the most well-known sporting trademarks. Appearing on all sneakers since its debut on the Air Jordan III in 1988. The logo features a silhouette of Michael jumping into the air, legs spread, ready to dunk. It was inspired by an original portrait of Michael that initially featured in ads, merchandise, and the Air Jordan I hang tag in 1985.

The release of the Air Jordan XI Retro Concords ignited a frenzy.

This sneaker, known as “the grail” among Air Jordans, was first released in 1995. It is the first model in the series to use a full-length carbon fiber plate. The patent leather details beneath the unusual ballistic nylon top material, which gave it the moniker ‘Concord,’ set it apart from the others. Jordan proposed adding leather into a sneaker, and Tinker Hatfield, the famed designer behind the majority of the Air Jordans, took inspiration from a Japanese custom-made Nike baseball shoe.

The ‘Concord’ has become extremely famous among players, performers, and fans. It was also included in the critically acclaimed film Space Jam. As a result, when Nike released the Air Jordan XI Retro Concords only two days before Christmas in 2011. Chaos occurred as thousands flocked to malls throughout the United States. Crowd control officers were dispatched in Indiana, Florida, Texas, and Virginia. Some persons were detained for provoking commotion.

The Jordan Brand was established with the Air Jordan XIII.

In 1997, the Air Jordan XIII was the first shoe to be released under the Jordan Brand moniker. Nike launched the sub-brand as “a pure, true basketball brand of premium, high-performance basketball footwear and clothing” after selling all of the Air Jordan shoes under its banner. Michael’s moniker, ‘Black Cat,’ inspired the sneaker. Its outsole is shaped like a panther’s paw, and its features include a carbon fiber plate that allows players to move more quickly. Its green holographic ‘eye’ on the heel distinguishes it.

Michael donned the Air Jordan XIV at a Chicago Bulls game.

Michael’s Chicago Bulls faced the Utah Jazz in the sixth and final game of the 1998 NBA Finals at Salt Lake City on June 14, 1998. With only 5.2 seconds remaining, he provided his side a one-point lead with a jump jumper, which resulted to the Bulls’ championship victory. Michael was wearing Air Jordan XIVs at the moment. This was his final appearance in a Chicago Bulls uniform.

For these reasons, the sneaker earned the moniker ‘Last Shot.’ The shoe’s red streak pattern was inspired by Michael’s Ferrari 550 Maranello vehicle. The shoe is recognized as one of the most comfortable AJs. Because to its low-cut form and breathable mesh vents on the outsole.


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