How are Esports Saviours of the Gaming Industry during COVID-19 Crisis?

The worldwide coronavirus outbreak has caused cancellations of major gaming events. Many tournament organisers have made their decision to postpone or cancel their events. The gaming industry has traditionally been known for attracting enormous audiences, but that is no longer the case, since sports businesses are seeing significant declines.

Coronavirus’s impact on gaming events 

Coronavirus is spreading all throughout the world, including in the esports business. A number of events and leagues have been cancelled, postponed, or changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Gaming-related businesses have long found it beneficial to engage in this lucrative industry, but the COVID-19 epidemic has drastically altered the industrial landscape. The following is a list of events that have been cancelled, postponed, or otherwise impacted by the coronavirus: 

  • NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments have been cancelled.
  • NHL seasons have been halted.
  • The NBA is the first American sports league to be suspended.
  • The MLB season has been postponed.
  • The League of Legends European Championship (LEC) has confirmed that it will continue.
Coronavirus's impact on gaming events 

A coronavirus has affected several gaming events, including those in the United States. The following are some of the notable events that were decided to cancel:

  • The Swiss Open that was supposed to take place in Basel was cancelled.
  • The World Cup in Shanghai has been halted.
  • The German Open has been cancelled.
  • The Indian Premier League has been postponed as well.
  • Bucharest’s FUT Champions Cup Stage V has been cancelled.
  • Nippon Professional Baseball’s Regular Season has been postponed.
  • The UAE tour has been cancelled.
  • Tokyo’s 2020 Summer Olympics have been postponed until 2021.
  • The European Championships in Moscow have been postponed.
  • The UAE Tour has been halted.
  • The World Cup Finals in Las Vegas have been cancelled.
  • The European Championships in Moscow

The above are some of the events that have been cancelled or postponed in order to avoid exposure to the coronavirus.

In such circumstances, the game industry must find a savior to keep their business afloat while keeping the public entertained. The outbreak could not have occurred at a worse time for the esports industry, as it can be played without people being physically present. esports platform development services can be a source of amusement for those who are isolated.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, esports could be a lifesaver

  • As a result, major gaming events have been put on hold for the foreseeable future. It’s a great age for the video game industry, which can provide amusement to consumers.
  • The fundamental reason for the eSports industry’s rise is to encourage people to stay at home.
  • As with the death of the gaming sector, it may create opportunities for owners to retain their existing audience.
  • Esports can be a good addition to COVID-19 prevention because it eliminates social gatherings.
  • Esports provide a slew of new options and increased experiences to users. It’s also a profitable potential for esports entrepreneurs to boost their profits.
  • There are a slew of new esports game publishers, many of them are sponsored by corporate sponsors and have previously bombed the esports market.
  • Since MLB, NBA, Euro 2020, National Rugby League, and NHL are all out of the picture. But, despite the coronavirus pandemic, ESPORTS is still performing stronger.

Advantages that esports businesses may take use of right now 

  • This year, around 50,000 professional esports competitions are expected, providing a stronger opportunity for esports entrepreneurs to build their businesses. 
  • People are being encouraged by the World Health Organization (WHO) to play online games that can help businesses gain revenue.
  • Due to the cancellation of big sporting events, businesses now have a greater opportunity to reach out to their current customer base. 
  • Due to the postponement of gaming events around the world, bettors may be unable to place bets and will be seeking for other ways to keep themselves entertained. In terms of enjoyment and adventure, esports are at the top. 
  • People are yearning for something that combines social distancing, entertainment, and competition, in short, ESPORTS, in the current Quarantine landscape

Esports options to consider

Website for Esports Tournaments

For those looking for extensively played games, an esports tournament website may be the ideal option. Esports users may now play esports in a smooth and hassle-free manner thanks to the esports website. It offers a function that allows event organisers to plan their tournaments and send out invitations to the participants.

Esports Platform Development

Esports platforms development services can cover popular leagues and series that offer the exact feel of playing in the real gaming arena to your players. It covers different gaming genres associated with Esports that can increase the number of users with the platform.

White Label Esports Betting Platform

White label Esports betting software can make your business successful and can also offer an exciting experience to your users. White label esports platforms offer a better choice in leagues to the users.

Fantasy Esports Software Development

Fantasy esports software is the best combination of esports and fantasy that covers all the major features that offer the real gaming experience to the audience. 

Esports as a Last Resort

In the current context, esports raises its profile by attracting spectators to renowned venues such as the Staples Center and Madison Square Garden. Esports are featured on Twitch, a game streaming network with 15 million daily active users. It provides businesses with unexpected opportunities to expand their audience. The number of people who use the internet has increased dramatically during the last few decades. As individuals become increasingly restricted to their homes, entertainment spending will shift to esports, resulting in a return to the roots of influencers and competitions.

Most esports leagues, such as League of Legends, Call of Duty, Overwatch, and others, have discovered a means to provide entertainment to their audiences. According to several industry studies, the gaming sector is impacted, yet esports provides a comparatively secure haven.

Esports is stealing the spotlight

As people are staying in and working from home in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a better opportunity for the businesses to use this opportunity in launching their esports business and entertain the audience. With the cancellation of gaming events, it gives the audience a better understanding to check out the esports games. Thus, esports businesses who are already established but no great revenue figures can try this opportunity with a great deal of profit. 

If you are willing to start your esports business with a feature-rich esports platform, you can count on GammaStack as the leading esports software development company. 

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