How Can Fantasy Sports be an Excellent Option for Extant Operators in Gaming to Increase Revenue and Engagement?

The younger generation of sports enthusiasts is increasingly looking to fantasy websites and sports programs. According to research done by the Indian Federation of Gaming and Sports study that Indian players will be at the 100 million mark by 2021 and the Game development Services industry will be worth $1 billion. Why Should Fantasy Sports Be Included In Your Platform?

The Dream11 format Dream11 has been classified as a “game of mere skill” exempt from the rules in the Public Gambling Act 1867 by the High Court of India. The court further stated that the operation of Dream11 is an activity of a legitimate economic nature which is covered by the Indian Constitution Article 19(1)(g). In the end, the Supreme Court dismissed an appeal against this decision without weighing the issues in the case.

User acquisition costs are almost Non-existent

In the beginning, those who are new to Fantasy Sports Software Development have the biggest challenge of acquisition. This requires a significant investment, which can increase the cost and increases the break-even level. However, do you really have to worry about it? No!!! You already have users. The war’s half has been won. All you need to do is to offer different game types to your clients.

More Engagement of Users on your Platform

Another problem that standalone Fantasy Sports platforms face is keeping users engaged. Due to the nature of fantasy sports users’ engagement with the app decreases after the activity begins. The user’s only choice is to confirm his position. Platform operators that are already in operation possess an advantage. Users can choose from a variety of games to pick from during the event. They can be more committed to your brand when these live-action games keep them entertained throughout the live-action.

New Sponsorship Opportunities

In addition to using in-app advertising operators also have the opportunity to profit from opportunities for brand integration. Brands are looking for novel ways to engage with their market. One of their main goals is a Fantasy Sports Software Solution & Platforms.

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No Leagues? 

There wouldn’t be any leagues to play in the off-season, for your players. Even if the major leagues aren’t in operation Your players can find a variety of options to keep them entertained and experience the excitement of playing in real-time.

The Rapid Growth of your Earnings

Even though this topic was previously covered, however, we think it’s important to mention it. We’re talking about real numbers in this article. The users who play Fantasy Sports pay an entry cost to be a part of a contest that costs money and will result in a prize fund being paid. After subtracting a platform fee or site rake that ranges from 10-30% The operators then distribute the prize pool among the winners. If 10,000 people make a purchase of $200 per month, you’ll get a total of $2000. With a profit margin of 20 is an average loss of four Lacs. This strategy can easily be increased with an increase in the number of customers and their spending per month.

What can we do to help you? Insta Gamio assist you?

What is unique about Fantasy Sports platforms has extensive technological involvement in areas like maintaining, APIs and maintenance innovating cloud storage, etc. Some businesses may have an internal tech department, however, they usually form external partnerships with tech companies that specialize in the area of the development of cloud storage products analytics, APIs, and cloud storage. This is how Insta Gamio a specialist in White Label Fantasy Sports App Development and Fantasy Sports Website Development, sets the bar higher in this regard.

Sports Gaming Framework that is as Robust as it is Ever-Changing

As a daily fantasy company that accepts real money, the Fantasy Sports Gaming software can easily be integrated into your current platform. It is possible to set it up to support any sports and in any currency, allowing you to have the ability to use a platform that is highly functional.

Insta Gamio Exclusive Network Games

Insta Gamio is a Fantasy Sports Software Development liquidity network that is based in India & United States with a big number of users. Insta Gamio is the one-stop shop for all that make up the system, such as the development of Online Game Development and risk management ensuring our customers with a stress-free experience. We’ll host network-wide contests that let all players of the various operators are competing and share the liquidity.

Monitoring Services of Server

Analytics and cloud storage are responsible for more than 60 percent of IT infrastructure costs According to a KPMG analysis of Fantasy Sports App Development Services. That means that the bulk of your IT expenses will be spent on monthly hosting costs for servers. With the amount that is spent on this, it is essential to have a reliable team to oversee the servers and ensure that expenditures are in check while making sure that your server’s performance remains top-notch.

The Bottom Line-

Now you understand how current gaming companies are able to offer fantasy sports games to their players without the need to invest in development or maintenance. For startups in the field of fantasy sports, Insta Gamio creates the world’s best Fantasy Sports Software solutions for entertainment as well as marketing and rewards systems. Our dedicated Fantasy Sports Software Developers team ensures that the correct values are being gathered at the right time.

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