How is Leader Cycle Best from Other Brands?

Leader Cycles is a well-known brand of the Jindals group based in Ludhiana, Punjab. Offering top-notch quality products in the bicycle market since 1977, Jindals is also a name synonymous with high-quality cycle parts. 

In the latter part of the article, we will take a look at the different types of cycles that can be suitable for your needs, but first, let’s find out more about the factors that make Leader cycles stand apart from the rest:


Leader cycles conform to the latest technology benchmark set by the Bureau of Indian standards & the company is ISO certified.

Trendy Design:

The manufacturer’s in-house design hub provides new-age colours and designs, keeping the needs of passionate riders in mind.

Durability: All Leader cycles come with a 1-year warranty supported by readily available spare parts for servicing when required.


All components in Leader cycles are efficiently integrated so riders can look forward to a comfortable & smooth ride.

Latest Technology Manufacturing:

All Leader cycles are crafted using the latest machinery and technology from Europe & Taiwan.

Road Bicycles

Road bikes are best recognised by their turned-down. Drop handlebars and thin tires. The downward-curving handlebars are generally ultra-lightweight and help sit you in an aerodynamic position. The lightweight frame layout makes this type of bike specifically good for numerous pavement uses, including fitness riding, racing, touring, daily commuting and long-distance rides.

Mountain Bicycles

Mountain bike is crafted with excellent shock-absorbing features and braking systems. That can efficiently handle serious bumps, dirt trails, rocks, roots and ruts. Mountain cycles are used for dealing with steeper terrain areas. Which is why most of such variants feature lower gears as compared to road bicycles.

Fixed Gear/ Track Bicycle

Oftentimes referred to as “fixies”, Track bikes or Fixed Gear cycles are mainly used by athletes or racers. That are preparing for professional races. The primary reason for this is that, as the name clearly suggests, these cycles contain a single, fixed gear, which implies that you cannot freewheel or coast on this type of cycle. This means that riders or cyclists using this variant must rely on their leg strength to stop the cranks of the cycle from turning and further halting its motion.

Track Bicycles may feature varied styles of handlebars and several brakes, and they generally require riders to move their legs in a constant circular motion to run at a higher cadence.

BMX Bicycle (Bicycle Motor Cross)

BMX is an acronym for Bicycle Motor Cross. Mainly because this type of variant is a single-speed cycle sprinted around short dirt tracks, pretty identical to motorsport. The acronym is also frequently used to describe. Any cycle with a 20-inch wheel and single-speed option.

BMX bikes are suitable for cyclists. Who wish to perform jumps and other tricks with their cycles because they are specially designed with their durable, robust design and structure. They flaunt small frames, twenty-inch wheels and a single gear which indicates that they are not only strong but need very low maintenance as well compared to a standard bicycle for men.

Hybrid Bicycle

Hybrid cycles are best described as a combination of mountain. Road and touring cycle designs, classifying them as “do-it-all” bicycles that cater to versatile uses. These models usually flaunt a combination of large wheels (road bike-sized) that drive them to perform amazingly well on both smooth dirt and paved trails. They also sport a heads-up ride and a flat bar to ensure comfort and a better view while riding. They often feature disc brakes for impressive and responsive braking, specifically when cycling in turbulent weather conditions.

Lifetime Frame Warranty, In-house manufacturing, European quality standards and Pan India network with support across 300+ cities makes Leader Cycle line of products full value for money and over a million happy customers can vouch for that as well. 

If you are delaying the purchase of your favourite Leader cycles due to budget constraints or intend to buy the cycles on EMI, then again, we are here to help. Keep reading to find out more.

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