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How to Choose a Floor Tile Color 

Choosing the right color for your floor tiles can be a daunting task. There are a lot of things to consider like style, function, and mood of the room. Other factors include the shape, size, texture, and finish of the tiles. And don’t forget about design and decor of your home. How do you go about finding something that suits all those things and even reflects your personality? 

Today we’ll help guide you through one of the most important aspects of choosing floor tile colors. We’ll also share some trending colors in 2023 along with tips on how to mix them to make an amazing look. So whether you want black tiles or red ones, or any other color for that matter, we got some tips and tricks for you to make the best decision possible. 

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Floor Tiles Color 

Before you start browsing through the endless options of floor tiles available in the market, you need to think about some of the factors that will influence your choice of color. Here are some of them: 

  • Size and Shape of Tiles: Small room, big tiles. Big room, small tiles. If you took that advice then it might seem counterintuitive. But you’ll find that this advice actually works! Not only can the size and shape of tiles make a small room look bigger or large room appear more intimate, but it can also create a sense of direction and movement or stability and balance. 
  • Function and Style of Room: Every room has its purpose. And with that purpose comes different requirements for the flooring to really tie it all together. For example, a kitchen is where you cook and prepare food so you need heat-resistant, stain-resistant, durable tiles that can withstand anything that might come their way. The bathroom on the other hand is slippery so you’ll need water-resistant, non-slippery, easy to clean tiles. 
  • Finish and Texture of Tiles: There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ve walked into a store like target before only to almost experience a nasty fall because you slipped on the floor. Well imagine doing that in your own home and now you have an idea for how important it is to make sure your floors have good grip with their texture — the importance of this aspect especially for tiles around pools cannot be overstated. But we aren’t just here to talk about safety are we? Let’s talk about style as well — glossy smooth tiles are brighter while matte smooth ones provide warmth. 
  • Overall Design of Home: A floor tile color should do two things. Complement existing design or contrast it. For example if your home has white walls paired with black furniture then a black or white floor could help bring everything together in harmony or create dramatic contrast — either way making your house look exceptionally fine.  

If you are looking for some inspiration for your floor tile color, here are some of the top trending colors for floor tiles in 2023: 

  • Red Tiles: A bold and vibrant color. It can turn any room into a dance of energy and excitement. With white or black walls and furniture, these Red tiles will create a striking contrast, but if you add wood or brick elements it’ll warm the room up. 
  • Black Tiles:  An elegant and timeless color. Black can add sophistication and depth to any room. Paired with white or gray walls and furniture, a sleek and minimal look is created. However, when paired with gold or silver accents, it radiates drama and luxury instead. Black tiles can also suit different types of materials like ceramic to marble. 
  • Grey Tiles: A neutral color that fits in anywhere without clashing. Grey Tiles can create a calm and relaxing look with blue or green walls and furniture. Or if you’d prefer something more modern, black or white elements will do the trick too. These tiles fit all patterns and designs as well, whether plain or geometric. 
  • White Tiles: White is a timeless and universal color that can brighten up and enlarge any room. White tiles can create a clean and fresh look with any color of walls and furniture, or a crisp and classic look with black or gray elements. White tiles can also suit different shapes and sizes, from large to small. For example, you can choose white square tiles for a simple and symmetrical look, white penny tiles for a cute and circular look, or white arabesque tiles for a graceful and curvy look. 
  • Blue Tiles: There’s something about blue that gives us peace whenever we lay our eyes on it. Its cool hue adds serenity and tranquility to any room you put blue tiles in. Coastal beach house vibes are given off when paired with white walls or beige furniture, but don’t limit yourself there — get creative! Play around with different shades and tones from light to dark until you get the right one that resonates with your vibe in the best way possible. 

How to Mix and Match Floor Tiles Colour 

If you want to create a more interesting and unique look for your floor tiles In Sydney, you can try mixing and matching different colors of tiles. Here are some tips on how to do that: 

  • Use a Color Wheel: You can use a color wheel to find different colors that pair well together. It’s a simple tool that shows the relationship between different colors. That way, you can find colors that complement or contrast with others. For example, if you want to create a contrast, choose two colors on opposite ends of the wheel, like red and green. 
  • Use the 60-30-10 Rule: To balance out color proportions in your room, try following the 60-30-10 rule. It suggests using 60% of one dominant color, 30% of another secondary color, and 10% of an accent color. For example, you can use 60% white tiles for your floor, 30% black tiles, and then an additional 10% red ones. 
  • Use Different Sizes and Shapes: Mixing and matching floor tile colors is easy when you play around with sizes and shapes. Try using different tiles that are either the same color but different sizes or the same size but in different shades. This’ll give your space a unique look. A great starting point would be to use large square tiles in one color while using smaller hexagon ones in another. If you want something even more interesting than that, opt for small square tiles with a rainbow range of colors 


Choosing the right color floor tile is never an easy task. But we’ve got some tips that can make it a little easier for you. Don’t forget to always consider what the room is used for, the size and shape of tiles, and the design and decor of your home. Also, don’t be afraid to get creative with colors, patterns, and combinations to find your own unique style. With that said, take it easy and don’t over-stress, it’s just a floor after all. 


  • Which is the best color of tiles for flooring?  

The best tile colors to go with your floors mostly depend on what the room is used for. Also, your personal style. When you’re dealing with a high traffic area, like your kitchen or living room, it’s always good to go with a strong color. These colors include Terra Cotta, brown, dark gray and navy blue. One of the most common choices is gray because of how easy it lights up a room, making it popular for dining and living areas too. For comfort you want warm colors like reds and oranges. But if you want calmness in your home, cool colors like violet and blue are perfect. 

  • Should floor tiles be dark or light?  

Dark floor tiles can give a dramatic look that many people are after… The luxurious atmosphere is an important factor as well but there’s more benefits to having them than just the looks. If you prefer dark flooring then this one will make you happy, dirt is very hard to notice on these types of tiles so cleaning them gets easier too! However when you’re thinking about using really light or dark colored titles in hallways, it’s better if you avoid that thought because dirt is more noticeable there. 

  • What color floor tile makes a room look bigger?  

Lighter colored titles trick our eyes into seeing a larger area than what’s actually there. Whites are the obvious choice here but don’t forget about light grays, beiges or tans either! You might think patterns would help create this illusion too but they actually take away from it so try not to use any patterned flooring either. 

If your kitchen is small then one of two options work best: white or grey tiles. They’ll make the space look bigger and brighter. But if neither of those appeal to you, don’t worry! There are other options. Be sure to also take into account the rest of your kitchen’s appearance and the vibe you want to give off in there. But if you’re going for minimalistic and clean then there’s no better choice than white or pale grey. 

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