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What Is Black Widow? Its Effects, And How To Get Rid Of Black Widows

Black widows

The infamous Black Widow spider, along with her close relatives, the Brown Recluse and the Australian Redback, is considered one of the most venomous spiders in North America. While all three can bite humans with fatal results, less than half a dozen deaths occur per year in the United States due to spider bites.

Effects of black widows

The venom of the Black Widow is neurotoxic, interfering with neurotransmitters that control muscle movement. Such effects are generally lasting, occasionally fatal, and are complicated by a secondary bacterial infection in about 20% of cases. Symptoms usually appear within 2 to 8 hours following a bite, but sometimes not until 1 or 2 days later. There may be local pain at first, which then spreads over 15 minutes to an hour. Weakness, chills, vomiting, or sweating may follow. Many people describe the pain as being far worse than the injury itself would indicate reasonable grounds for.

Best methods how to get rid of black widows? 

1. Removing trash and clutter

Regularly cleaning up your home is an essential part of getting rid of black widow spiders. Black Widows are found in places with high moisture levels where they build their webs to catch prey for food. Since these areas are often cluttered, it makes it hard to spot the spiders when you’re doing routine clean-up.

2. Maintain a regular exterior pest control service

Exterior Spider Control Regular outside spider treatments will protect your property from unwanted guests like black widows. Homeowners should call Terminex or another professional insect elimination company every month during the warmer months to maintain good housekeeping habits while protecting customers from undesirable bug infestations, including the Black Widow.

3. Pruning vegetation in the area of your house 

The exterior spider control professionals can show you how to effectively prune plants around your home, making it less likely for black widows to find the perfect environment to thrive in. This is another good way to get rid of black widow spiders without spending too much time or effort doing so on your own.

4. Locate possible nesting areas by looking for webs & egg sacs near foundations

Once you know where these web-heavy areas are, blast them with a water hose and make sure there’s no more activity there. It might be necessary to remove loose bricks or wood covering any potential nests underneath if they are causing problems. It allows natural sunlight into the area and discourages the black widow from nesting in that spot.

5. Use a pest blaster to exterminate a more significant nest outside or a can of insecticide indoors 

A pest blaster is an electrical device used for outdoor spider control by Terminex technicians. It works similarly to a bug zapper, emitting an electrical charge which kills any nearby insects instantly, no chemicals are necessary! Once you find their nests, use this device to get rid of Black Widows without harming yourself.

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6. Caulk cracks where spiders might enter your home 

Caulking is one of the best ways to prevent black widows from taking residence inside your home’s walls. The last place you want them hanging around! Any cracks or holes in the exterior walls will need to be sealed up for this method to work. It’s also a good idea to place bug screens overall outside air conditioning units, vents, and basement windows using any existing nails or screws you can find.

7. Keep your compost pile far away from your home

If you’re not already doing this one on your own, it may be a good time to do so with the help of an exterminator. This helps prevent black widow spiders from entering your home under piles of moist leaves that they’d love nothing more than to call their new web-filled home! If possible, try storing these piles farther away from the house as well.

8. Store firewood at least 20 feet away from your home

Firewood, like compost piles, can attract black widow spiders. So if you do not already keep yours far away from the house, now might be a good time to start. In addition to preventing them from getting into your walls and using them for food storage after they die, keeping firewood far enough away also prevents these spiders from setting up shop in between pieces of wood that are stacked tightly together. The more room there is between each piece of wood, the better!

9. Keep shrubbery and grass trimmed near windows and doors

Having tall grasses near windows may make it difficult for people inside to see outside at night or when it’s dark out, which can increase their chances of being bitten by a spider. Keeping everything trimmed will also reduce the possibility of a spider building its web up high enough to be next to windows or doors. Another good way to get rid of black widows is without using insecticides.

10. Install door sweeps on exterior entry points 

In addition, you’ll want to install a door sweep on both sides of your exterior entry points so that there’s no space for spiders or any other insects to crawl underneath the door and into your home. This is another cost-effective method to help prevent black widow spider infestations inside your house if performed regularly by a professional exterminator from Terminex.

11. Fix leaky pipes that lead into a home 

Finally, pipe leaks were the last entry point spiders used by humans to enter their homes. If you’ve got any areas in your basement where pipes are located and notice that they might be leaking or leaning, it’s a good idea to get them fixed right away.

How do I get rid of black widows permanently?

Black widows are one of the most venomous spiders in North America, and their presence in and around your home can be a cause for concern. If you want to get rid of black widows permanently, there are several steps you can take. Firstly, remove any clutter from your yard or outdoor spaces where black widows might take shelter. This can include piles of wood, rocks, and other debris. Secondly, seal up any cracks or holes in your home’s exterior that might be serving as entry points for black widows. Use caulk, weather stripping, or other materials to create a barrier that prevents spiders from getting in.

In addition to making your outdoor spaces less hospitable to black widows, you can also use chemical treatments to eliminate these spiders. Insecticides specifically designed for spiders can be effective, but be sure to read the label carefully and follow all instructions for safe and effective use. It’s also a good idea to consult with a pest control professional to ensure that you are using the right products and methods for your specific situation. Finally, consider hiring a pest control company to provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring to keep black widows and other pests at bay.


Are there pesticides that can use to get rid of black widows? 

The first and most important thing you should know is that pesticide isn’t needed! As long as you follow the steps outlined above, your home will become virtually spider-free with no use of dangerous chemicals required.

How do I keep black widows from entering my home? 

The key to preventing them from entering your home is to plug up any entry points you notice! Even something as small as a quarter-sized hole can be enough for these spiders to crawl through, so make sure to carefully inspect the outside of your house after following the first few steps listed above to see if any areas need attention.

How many eggs will female black widows produce? 

It varies depending on several factors, but they can lay hundreds at one time! With this in mind, it’s also essential that you take care of any nests you find immediately. It’s recommended that Terminix technicians do this for you since they’re explicitly trained in removing and exterminating these spiders.

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