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How To Get Rid Of Rat Holes In Yard? A Complete Guide

Many people want to know about steps to get rid of rat holes in the yard. Rats are harmful to our living environment. If you have a home, rats can make their habitat in your home and start creating problems for you. They dig or create holes in the lawn, ground, or walls. You can get rid of rat holes by following a few methods.

1. Keep your house clean:

Rats love to live where they find food and shelter. If you want to stop them from entering your house, clean your home regularly so they do not have enough space or shelter. When you feel your house is clean, it will eliminate rat holes in the yard.

2. Get rid of rats:

Plug all holes and crevices where a rat can make their habitat. Use different traps to catch them one by one. Use repellents to keep away these harmful animals. You can find repellent spray specially made up for this purpose. It has a unique smell that helps the animal not to enter the place of repellent spray. Spray a few times over the area where rats make their habitat and stay away from there for some time to avoid the smell of repellents. For this purpose, you can dig out soil and spray at once.

3. Block their pathway:

Rats love to live where they find food and shelter. You can stop them from making their habitat in your home by blocking their pathway. Rats use sewer pipes to enter homes. So it would help if you blocked all sewer pipes like sewage ducts or storm drains, which are easy entry points for rats to come inside your home.

Try to shore up holes with sealant compound material so no rat can enter their through-hole again. These materials are readily available at any hardware shop efficiently, and if you have an airtight patch, it will be more effective for stopping rats from entering the home.

4. Keep your yard clean:

If you want to know how to get rid of rat holes in the yard, clean up your yard so there is no food or shelter for rats. Do not keep garbage boxes in one place, which will be an easy entry point for rats. Put garbage boxes where there is less chance of making their habitat.

You can use plastic bins instead of metal ones because rats dislike metal. Rats love living where they can hide easily, and if these places are not available, it will be difficult for them to stay in your area. So by following the above steps, you can eliminate all possibilities of making their habitat near or around the house. You can spray natural repellent over the area to keep away rats. These repellents are available at any hardware or garden store easily.

5. Repair your sewage system:

If you are using shitters, ensure there are no cracks inside them because they provide entrance to rats in living places. If you have found cracks, repair them immediately; otherwise, your rat problem will never end. Rats can damage sewage lines by entering there and creating holes also, so it is crucial to fix all broken pieces on time; otherwise, it will lead to getting rid of rat holes in the yard.

6. Use the repellent spray on the yard:

You can use different mixtures to eliminate rat holes in the yard. If you do not want chemicals, use garlic powder, whole black pepper, and chili powder mixed with water, acting as natural repellents against rats. It would help if you sprinkled this mixture over the area where rat holes are present or where rats are making their habitat so they cannot stay in the same place again.

7. Plant medicinal herbs:

You can plant certain herbs outside your backyard that repels rats from entering it. These herbs smell ants, and when rodents smell these leaves, they move away from there because ants give them a difficult time living near them. These herbs include garlic, lavender, thyme, mints, and spearmint.

8. Use Gloves While Removing Rat Holes:

Wearing gloves is very important while removing rat holes in your yard or anywhere outside the home because rats have sharp teeth capable of cutting you, so wearing gloves will help you protect yourself from these harmful animals. Also, wear safety glasses to keep away dust particles while digging out soil for rat holes.

9. Cover Tunnels with Concrete Blocks:

It would help if you made tunnels used by rats to enter your house or where they live near it. You can cover all their ways of coming inside your living place by using cement blocks over them; otherwise, once mice get any hole, they leave your house. So by doing this process, you can get rid of rat holes in the yard step by step.

10. Keep Your Garbage Bins Clean:

Garbage storage is one home for rats because it provides them with everything they search for, like water, shelter, and food, so make sure that your garbage bins are always clean; otherwise, this will lead to making the habitat of mice around your living place.

11. Do not store food on the floor:

Make sure that no food is kept on the floor or where mice can easily reach. Always store food items inside cabinets or containers after using them so that there is no way out for rodents to come closer to your stored food materials.

12. Catch rats using traps:

You can use different traps for catching rats so they cannot reenter your living place. You can also use rat poison to kill these animals immediately but ensure that children and pets do not eat this poison because it is very harmful to them. So always try to catch them using safe traps or help from pest control specialists to solve this issue quickly.

13. Use Mint Leaves as Rat Repellent:

You can grow certain plants outside the house, acting as natural repellents against rodents, like mints, spearmint, rosemary, lavender, etc. It would help if you planted these plants near the entrance of your house so that these leaves will be a barrier for rats to enter your living place.

14. Keep Your Vegetable Garden Clean:

If you have a vegetable garden in your backyard, ensure that this is appropriately cleaned because rats love vegetables and other food items stored outside the house for a long time. So remove all spoiled vegetables from it; otherwise, they may eat them and create problems for you sometimes.

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15. Make Barriers Using Sticks:

You can make barriers using sticks or bushes where rats are planning to enter your home because once they see these barriers, then definitely they move away from their pathway because rats do not like carrying around bushes or trees at night, so keeping these things in mind you can get rid of rat holes in yard.

16. Use Moth Balls:

Another thing that you can use to get rid of rat holes in the yard is because they have a powerful smell. When mice smell this odor, they will move away from their pathway, so using these balls is one of the safe ways to remove them immediately without harming them.

17. Make Traps With Cat Littler:

You can make traps at home with cat litter and keep them inside the hole until there is any sign that mice or rats are coming out of their burrows, then quickly put food into this trap to catch them easily.

18. Bait Stations:

You can place bait stations near the holes of rats and mice to catch them easily. These are also safe for pets or children because they are made of food mixed with poison, instantly killing them without harming their health. So do not worry about these things while making them useful in your house; otherwise, you can call a pest removal service provider to take care of this issue quickly.

19. Make Use Of Natural Predators:

Some other animals, like foxes, snakes, etc., eat rodents, so if there is any nearby forest or area, try to contact people living nearby who have watched predators at their place. By doing this process, you can get rid of it safely.


In conclusion, it’s critical to understand what rat holes look like and the measures you can take to seal them and prevent rats from creating additional holes in your garden. Rats are frightened of change. All it takes is a minor shift in their territory to send them scurrying for other places to nest.


·         Why do Rats dig holes?

Rats have a powerful urge to burrow. They will find something independently if they are not provided with an appropriate substrate. Because of this behavior, your property can be at risk of falling into rat holes. Unfortunately, only 10% of the world’s mammals live in the air. The rest, which are rodents from this group, are very common on the Earth. They live in every corner of the planet without any problems.

·         Should I fill in a rat hole?

Rats can pass through holes as little as 10mm wide, so any holes greater than that must be filled. The wire wool should be crammed as tightly as possible, and rats will not be able to chew through it.

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