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What Is Snails? Its Effects And How To Get Rid Of Snails? A Complete Guide

Snails are small, soft-bodied, slow-moving animals with a spiral shells.

Where did snail come from?

Snails usually live in moist environments because their bodies are adapted for retaining water. Most snails have both male and female organs (hermaphroditic). Snails use love darts made of chitin to find mates. They cannot bite humans because they lack an oral skeleton.

Effects of Snails

They can damage crops, ornamental plants and also spread diseases. The snails are transported through trucks, ships, boats, and planes. They accidentally come with other plants or vegetables to Australia.

The Hidden Costs of Snail Damage in Gardens and Fields

Snails can cause significant damage to gardens and crops. Their voracious appetite leads to the consumption of leaves, stems, flowers, and fruits, impacting the overall health of plants. Young seedlings are particularly vulnerable, hindering new plant growth. Snails can also transmit plant diseases as they move through the garden, affecting the well-being of healthy plants. Additionally, the aesthetic appeal of gardens suffers, and managing snail infestations may result in increased maintenance costs. In agriculture, snails pose a threat to crops, leading to reduced yields and economic losses for farmers. Their impact extends to ecosystems, contributing to the decline of native plant species and affecting biodiversity.

Best methods about how to get rid of snails?

1. Scare them using white or red objects

The snails can be scared by the color of white and red, so you put these colors near where they exist. This method is beneficial for your garden. But to scare them you must collect many big objects such as stones, rocks, etc.

2. Cut off their food source

You cut off their food source to your garden, which means vegetables, fruits, and other harmful plants. If no plant in your garden, then there is no chance for their survival. Your garden will become snail free zone after a few days if it’s true. Usually, snails feed at night, but sometimes they also eat during the day when the weather is cooler.

3. Use lemon juice    

Yes, you can use lemon juice to kill them. Cut a lemon in two parts and squeeze its juice into a bottle having some little water. After that, put this bottle near the areas where they exist. Leave overnight until their death occurs.

4. Arrange your garden

Put wooden or any other objects near the place where they live or eat, so they cannot move from one place to another. This will make them fall over these objects and die by falling on complex things. Sometimes it is difficult for snails because if your garden is well designed, no obstacles stop them from moving from one place to another smoothly. So it would be best if you had more time to make arrangements for your garden.

5. Using sounds to kill snails

Play some loud music in the evening, so they cannot hear each other’s voices and become confused because it is impossible to have a place with noise in nature. Snail can’t listen to the high sound, so you must use this method if you are not able to face them in reality.

6. Putting mud balls or ashes near their homes will be helpful for snail control

Put these objects near their holes means at the bottom of the hole. The slime of snails is harmful to your garden. This slime causes many types of diseases which can harm our health, but putting mud balls or ashes near their holes will make that slimy thing dry up itself, which will prevent them from coming out of their holes.

7. Using garlic to kill snails

Yes, you can use garlic juice which is more harmful to them. It is not difficult to extract garlic juice, just cut a big head of garlic into pieces and put these pieces in pure water; after that, stir it well with your hand. After that, filter this water using clean fabric, then drip two drops into the snail’s hole.

If you can see the snail, then drop one drop near them not to move quickly. But if you cannot find them, then use white or bright color objects that can draw their attention. Then place two drops of garlic juice on the top of the thing so they cannot escape; after that, you can see their dead body.

8. Using beer to kill snails means snail bait

Yes, you can use this method. Pour some beer into the bottle and leave it near the holes of snails. The snail will be attracted by its smell, they enter into that bottle and become drunk, so they fall from rocks or trees. After that, die by falling on hard things. If you are using this method for your garden, then check every morning whether they died or not; otherwise, your effort will be useless.

9. Using soap water to kill snails

Pour a tiny amount of soap in pure water; after that, stir it well with your hand. After making foam, put this solution near the places where there exist snails. They will be attracted by its smell and try to taste this solution. After they feel it is soapy, they move back from that place and finally die because soap causes damage to their inner organs or tissues.

10. Using vinegar

Put a few drops of white vinegar into the bottle; having some water after that, place this bottle near their holes. The snail will be attracted by its smell; they drink this solution but make them drunk instead of providing any nutrition because these snails become intoxicated due to alcohol which can cause death after drinking even a tiny amount of beer. If there are many snails, use two bottles near their holes or put more drops into one bottle.

11. Heavy metals like mercury used as snail poison

After a few days, you can see their dead bodies near their holes. Heavy metals cause membrane damage to them which stops them from breathing and finally dying. But try to use this method very carefully because if the snail you want to kill helps live things, then it will be harmful to other animals; that’s why try to avoid using these methods.

12. Using cigarettes as snails bait

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Yes, you can use this method. Just put a cigarette into the soil; after that, leave it overnight; snails will come out of their holes by smelling its smell. After placing this cigarette in the ground, make a big hole nearby and fill it up with water, so they cannot escape from there. If the number of snails is more, then try to use two cigarettes.

What keeps snails away?

Natural deterrents

One of the best ways to keep snails away is to use natural deterrents. This can include things like crushed eggshells, coffee grounds, or even copper. These materials can create a barrier that snails are unwilling to cross, and can be a simple and effective way to keep them out of your garden.

Physical barriers

Another effective method for keeping snails away is to use physical barriers. This can include things like fences, netting, or even individual plant covers. These barriers can prevent snails from accessing your plants and can be an effective way to keep them at bay.

Environmental modifications

Making certain modifications to your garden environment can also be effective at keeping snails away. This can include things like reducing moisture levels, removing debris from the garden, or even using raised garden beds. These modifications can make your garden less hospitable to snails and can discourage them from taking up residence.


How many types of snails are there?

The snail is a gastropod mollusk with a shell; it is also known as a garden snail. There are about 500 different species of them in the world. Like, big African land snail, giant Asian tree snail, spider conch, etc.

Are any types of snails poisonous?

Yes, some are poisonous, but their poison is very mild. It does not cause death to humans. Types like Milksnake, Neotoxarium consortium, Common Milk Snake, etc., are non-venomous though they have harmful glands near the tail part, which causes harm for us when we touch that.

How much dangerous is a snail’s poison?

Snail’s poison is very mild, so it does not cause death unless much venom is taken. But the main problem with them is that they are carriers of different types of parasites that can infect humans, animals, etc.; for this reason, you should never consume their meat or shell.

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