How to Use Interactive Video to Create a Connection With Your Audience

People like to be engaged, and one of the most engaging ways you can do this in your business is by providing interactive video content. When you create interactive videos, you allow people to have more control over the content that they’re viewing, which causes them to be more invested in what’s being said or done on the video itself, and it allows them to connect better with the video and whoever created it. This infographic below offers some great tips on how you can use interactive video to create a connection with your audience.

Where people are spending their time

People are spending more and more time online, so it’s important that your content is engaging and interactive. Videos are some of the most popular posts on social media, but you can take this one step further with interactive videos. Cinema8 is an interactive video app that lets you create video games within your movie or show. These games allow viewers to explore their surroundings, interact with characters in the film, and make choices that lead them down different paths of the narrative. It’s like playing a game while watching TV!

Improve the user experience on your blog, website or social media

We wanted to improve the user experience on our blog, website, and social media. We decided that interactive video is one of the best ways to do this. Cinema8 lets people interact with videos by simply clicking or tapping on their device’s screen.

Here’s how it works: if you’re watching a video on your computer and see something cool happening in the video, tap your finger on the part of the screen where you want it to happen and voila!

When you need an explainer video

Cinema8 is an interactive video agency. When you need an explainer video, they can create one for you that will not only explain your product or service but also connect with your audience. There are many different styles of videos and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask! They are more than happy to create the perfect video for your needs.

Interactive video is one of the hottest trends in video marketing right now. It’s the newest way to engage with your audience, and take things up a notch from boring old text-based slideshows. Instead of watching someone on screen talk at you, interactive video allows you to do something as well – whether that’s answering questions about what you’re seeing, or making decisions for the presenter on screen. Interactive videos are different than traditional videos because they allow viewers to play an active role in what they’re viewing.whether that’s answering questions about what you’re seeing, or making decisions for the presenter on screen.

Different ways to use an interactive video

Create an interactive video contest: In this type of interactive video, viewers are given the opportunity to submit their own responses, which the host will then go on to read aloud. This helps viewers get involved and feel like they have some control over what’s happening on the screen.

Record reactions: If you’re making a product announcement or want your customers to be excited about something new, consider recording reactions from different people. Have them react in different ways and let viewers watch for themselves!

What is an interactive video?

Interactive video is the new way of connecting with your audience. It’s more than just sharing your own experiences. In an interactive video, the user can choose where they want to go and what they want to do, making it feel like they’re inside the story or game.

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