All You Need To Know About Synthetic Slate Roofing In San Antonio

Synthetic slate roofing in San Antonio is the top choice for the building’s owners for several reasons. But the most attractive thing about slate roofing is its excellent aesthetic view. Along with this ability, durability and energy efficiency capabilities are essential for choosing synthetic slate roofing. In this article, you will learn about slate roofing with some informative descriptions.

Qualities of synthetic slate roofing in San Antonio

Synthetic slate roofing has several qualities. The life span or age of this roofing is about a hundred-plus years. This roofing material is known for its fireproof properties. Water can not penetrate through slate roofing because it has exceptional waterproof qualities.

The other thing that could be achieved through synthetic slate roofing in San Antonio is saving energy consumption. Because it did not allow the weather temperature to penetrate it, the building rooms stayed cool during summertime in San Antonio. The weight of synthetic slate roofing is deficient; that’s why this roofing can be easily installed on any roof.

Due to these qualities, the people of San Antonio have chosen synthetic slate roofing for over a hundred years. Natural disasters did not have more impact on this type of roofing material. The price of synthetic slate roofing is also under your budget range.

The cost of synthetic slate roofing in San Antonio

The beautiful look of synthetic slate roofing attracted a lot of homeowners to the installation of this roofing. So, before choosing this roofing, homeowners must know about the price range of synthetic slate roofing.

The price of slate roofing depends on multiple factors. The main factors affecting the total cost of synthetic slate roofing include the installation location and the condition of the roof where slate roofing must be installed. The cost of synthetic slate material in different parts of San Antonio can also vary.

Apart from this, the installation cost of synthetic slate roofing also depends on the contractors. If you hire a license, then the cost may go high.

However, for the residents of San Antonio, the price range of synthetic slate roofing is approximately from two hundred US dollars to six hundred US dollars per square foot. It is recommended that before the installation of slate roofing, you get multiple quotes and choose the best price for yourself.

Pros and cons

Synthetic slate roofing is available with a number of benefits:

  • In these benefits, energy and cost efficiency is top of the list.
  • Along with its efficiency, it is also very durable.
  • The installation of synthetic slate roofing in San Antonio is straightforward.
  • You can also choose the color and design from a vast range of synthetic slate roofing designs.
  • The repair and maintenance of slate roofing are also straightforward, and you can repair your slate roofing at a low price.
  • Due to the overall look and efficiency of synthetic slate roofing, complete satisfaction can be achieved.

With these benefits, synthetic slate roofing also comes with some drawbacks, which are:

  • The overall weight of synthetic slate roofing can go up to one thousand pounds for an average roof. So, before installing slate roofing, consult with building experts to verify that your building can bear that much weight.
  • After installing slate roofing, you should ensure that nobody can walk on the roof. Because this roofing is very fragile can be easily damaged from walking on it.
  • Finding professionals who can install synthetic slate roofing is also very difficult.


  • How do you choose the suitable slate for your roof?

Many people consider synthetic slate roofing the best on the planet. Heather (purple) and gray slate are both available in Welsh. Slate from Penrhyn has a soft purple/blue appearance and can be expected to last more than 100 years.

  • What artificial slates are?

Fiber cement and composite slate are the two most common forms of artificial slate. Slates made out of fiber cement are made by mixing cement with fibers blended with synthetic and cellulose fibers that are non-asbestos. The pigment is added during production, and the slate is fully compressed.

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