Tanzania – what to see, do and visit

Africa is opening up to the world more and more as the years go by. With its thriving culture, mouth-watering cuisine and incredible landscapes, it’s easy to see why people fall in love after their first visit. Tanzania represents the best of all landscapes Africa has to offer. Mountains, forests, savannas, beaches, islands and underwater adventures await you. What more could you ask from a place? The sooner you get packing, the sooner you can experience the uniqueness of Tanzania!

1. Ascend the Kilimanjaro

When you first step into Tanzania, your eyes will fixate on this incredible mountain. Mount Kilimanjaro offers the ideal mix between wild and tame because you will see unforgettable sights. All the while not needing to be a professional mountain climber. Many would-be climbers want to race to the top, which is a shame and a mistake at the same time. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with guided tours takes up to nine days because your body needs to acclimate to higher and higher altitudes.

Take your time, relax and enjoy the scenery. From Kilimanjaro, you can see the entirety of Tanzania and more. But the journey is equally fantastic as the destination because you will start from the savants, work your way thru dense forests, pass a mountainside landscape and even experience snow in Africa when you get close to the top.

2. Surfs up!

Who says Africa means there’s no wave to surf? The island of Zanzibar is a prime area for surfing and other water-related activities. Just shy across Tanzania itself, Zanzibar is the nearby island which represents the closest we have to Paradise on Earth. Pristine white beaches with gentle sand, open ocean and warm breezes of air are trademarks of Zanzibar beaches. The coast consists of about ten notable beaches, all with unique styles and sights to see. Kendwa, Matemwe, Bwejuu, Pongwe and others await you with splashing waves. If that’s not your thing, you can always snorkel dive, swim or sunbathe in a hammock while you sip on a cocktail. Whatever your choice of beach fun is, Zanzibar beach is here to deliver!

3. Experience the culture

Africa’s culture is what separates it from all other countries in the world. Wild and brimming with life and open to all, you can experience it first-hand all over Tanzania. Maasai tribes are all over the savannas in Tanzania, offering guided tours to view its wildlife. Chaga tribesmen can help you scale their sacred mountain Kilimanjaro.

And all over the Swahili coast, you can find sights to explore and behold. Tanzania like many other African nations needs all the help it can get to maintain its country and culture. Anyone can help, and you can combine useful with practical while you are staying here. Experiencing the culture firsthand is best done by mingling with the locals by offering humanitarian and useful volunteer overseas work by helping with healthcare, teaching, animal care and much more.

4. Safari thru Serengeti

Africa’s wildlife is the theme of legends, movies and imagination worldwide. Tanzania is packed to the brim with lions, elephants, leopards, rhinoceros, cheetahs and more, who all make their home in the sprawling savannas of Tanzania. Guided tours around the seemingly endless savannah and the Serengeti national park will fill your photo album to the brim. Everywhere you go, there’s a new sight to see, and something new to experience. Seeing these majestic wild animals in their natural habitat is vastly different from a zoo, and you will realise how important it is to preserve endangered species throughout Africa. Giraffes, hippos and flamingoes, who number in the thousands, decorate the landscape. Africa is full of life and waiting for you to sense its raging pulse!

5. Explore Zanzibar

Mesopotamians, Romans, Greeks, Persians and others have all discovered, traded and left their mark on Zanzibar. The famous Stone Town once represented the gathering point for the entire Indian ocean trading. Such importance attracted various cultural influences on Zanzibar over time, and now you can visit and explore all of them. It’s located in the heart of Zanzibar City, and there are plenty of ports and gardens to visit. The Maruhubi Palace is the centerpiece of what we recommend you see.

The complex is shaded by mango trees and composed of old English houses, luxurious bathhouses and spiral staircases that lead to high balconies. Even though it was partially destroyed by man; it stood the test of time and retained its charm and beauty. And to finish it all, we recommend going to the south of the island where dolphins gather at Kizimkazi. Swimming and frolicking with these friendly sea mammals is a unique experience you will cherish for a lifetime, just like your visit to Tanzania and Zanzibar.

New experiences and leaving your mark on the world are what travelling abroad is all about. Helping those in need while getting to live and breathe their culture and lifestyle is one of life’s great delights. There’s no shortage of people in need, unfortunately, but we can all make a difference. Travelling and aiming to improve the visiting country is a noble goal. And every time you leave you will know you left with a job well done.

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