Taxi Call Answering Service

When you need a cab, a taxi call answering service can help. The cab industry has been around for years, but one problem is a shortage of cabs always ready to take your order. With a professional, reliable taxi call answering service, you can count on access to transportation anytime. Not only can they provide you with a professional answer, but they will also handle your issues promptly.

The taxi call answering service has many features that help it provide quality service to all customers. It is connected to a Siemens Hipath professional communication server, which allows the dispatcher to receive phone orders and transfer them to the appropriate taxi driver. In addition, call recordings are maintained to help improve service quality. For larger taxi dispatch centers, a Digitech Outsourcing Solution professional is highly recommended.

An answering service will save the business owner time and effort. They can focus on other things instead of answering phones. They will also send a subtle record of each call and the time and date when the calls were answered. In addition, they can keep track of every client’s call history and provide valuable insights. With these features, a Digitech Outsourcing Solution taxi call answering service can help businesses become more profitable. There are several ways to choose exemplary service for your business.

Taxi Call Answering Service

Customer Service Inquiries for Answering Service

You may be thinking about outsourcing your customer service needs if you run a business or even a cab company. DOS offers an outsourced customer service solution with affordable rates for any budget. The team of specialized call takers at DOS will be able to manage all aspects of your business without you having to. This multitasking system will keep you up to date on your bookings and handle all your customer service inquiries.

If your company runs a taxi or shuttle service, you’re probably already familiar with the advantages of a quality taxi call answering service. This type of service provides quality customer service while allowing you to focus on your core business. Regarding answering calls, DOS provides highly-trained, experienced, and resourceful employees dedicated to providing the best customer service possible.

By employing DOS’s services, you’ll never miss a call again, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. In addition to helping you improve customer service, you’ll also gain valuable free time, allowing you to concentrate on the different facets of your operation.

Features of Taxi Call Answering Service

DOS Communications offers a range of features for small businesses, including custom phone scripts. Its account managers study the specifics of your industry and provide a web portal that lets you track your interactions with clients and spot patterns. DOS Communications’ receptionists also offer call routing and forwarding services, which use various criteria to answer incoming calls. It’s important to know that DOS Communications bills its customers based on 60-second increments.

Taxi Call Answering Service

A good taxi call answering service is essential to running a successful business. Digitech Outsourcing Solution’s experienced, well-trained, and resourceful representatives will handle all your calls, giving you more time to run your business. In addition, the service after-hour coverage gives you the peace of mind that all your call will handle properly. You won’t miss another call again with a taxi call answering service!


A taxi call answering service is essential in the transportation business. With ride-sharing administrations becoming increasingly popular, delivering quality service to every rider is more crucial than ever. Without a reliable call answering service, the organization could lose business and damage its reputation. Digitech Outsourcing Solution offers the best service for taxis and call centers

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