Top 4 Reasons to Use Custom Pizza Boxes 

When it comes to restaurant brands that deliver online orders, pizza brands mostly revolve around other food categories. Delivery service providers are introducing many more restaurant brands to the home delivery market daily. This is why the packaging in which the pizzas arrive at the customer’s doorstep is highly important. Many pizza brands use custom pizza boxes to present their pizzas and deliver them in the best shapes and conditions. Why? Let’s check out the top 4 reasons to use these boxes!

Custom Cardboard Pizza Boxes Create Lasting Impression and Enhance Interest

Once a pizza is delivered, customers interact with the packaging first. Your customers will then spend an average of 10 seconds interacting with your product packaging. This is why it is essential to take advantage of this interaction by creating a critical connection with the customer.

Choosing a plain box design will not create a lasting impression or enhance interest. Instead, your pizza brand should use custom cardboard pizza boxes to communicate why they are exceptional. Even better, you can also customize the design, logos, brand colors, and attractive graphics for your boxes. Additionally, you can grab attention to your brand and emphasize its merits by using a bright central image (or logo). Keep in mind that your first impression will be the last impression. So, make sure to deliver it as appealing as possible!

Provide Unforgettable Adventure Experience for Your Customers to Share

Pizza customers now expect great food along with an unforgettable adventure experience. The key here is to allow them to share this “adventure” with their friends via social media. Your brand can unleash its true power by producing custom pizza boxes that impress the customers. In brief, you need to create boxes that excite customers. Your boxes need to inspire them to go online and share their unboxing experience.

You can also try adding a personal touch to the boxes. For example, you can try adding a handwritten thank you note, drawing, or other details. All these small gestures will let customers know that your brand value and appreciate them. After all, we know that modern customers trust recommendations from other customers more than the brand’s own message. So, take the time to refine this type of strategy.  

Custom Pizza Boxes Help You Deliver Hot and Fresh Pizzas

As always, the goal of pizza delivery is to deliver a hot and fresh pizza to the customer’s home or office. Adding a new invention of airflow can help you out with this task. This method helps in preventing pizzas with a clammy bottom and sometimes even a soggy top. 

Yes, your pizza brand should pay attention to the ventilation on the boxes. Because it not only prevents your boxes from getting clammy. More than that, it also prevents the boxes from sending a “cardboard smell” to the pizza.

The best thing is that the new ventilation models allow trapped steam to escape through small openings in the box. This adequately ventilates your pizzas without losing the necessary heat. Different from traditional vents, which let air pass through side vents. The new packaging technology uses a hole in the center of the top to draw moisture from the inside of the pizza, which then exits the sauce.

You can also make the ventilation method by making ventilation holes in the bottom of the boxes. This will allow steam to flow through the grooves of the cardboard. Finally, this method will help reduce the humidity problem in custom pizza boxes

Ethical and Sustainable Packaging Option

There are 3 billion pizza boxes thrown away every year in the US alone. Pizza with its oil and cheese inevitably share some of these two ingredients with the boxes it runs. So, the boxes are usually not recyclable.

However, your brand should not underestimate the importance of ethical and sustainable packaging options for your customers. In brief, those market customers will rely heavily on your sustainability practices when it comes to the boxes. Although you might make your boxes from 100 percent recyclable materials, customers want you to do more to prevent the packaging waste.

Well, you can eventually do a simple and proactive solution to this problem. You can try to include parchment inserts in your Custom Cardboard Pizza Boxes. Or else, you can apply a custom label to inform customers that they can recycle the boxes.

Final Ideas

Your packaging boxes do not only serve as an effective marketing method. More than that, they also add value to your delightful pizzas and grab more potential customers. You can eventually earn more sales by preserving the original taste and condition of your tasty pizzas. More than that, having the best custom pizza boxes will help you level up your business easily. Plus, you can easily design the boxes with the help of experts at Pioneer Custom Boxes.

Have a great day ahead!


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