Top 5 Powerful Meta Skill Moves That No One Is Using In FC 24! – Skill Move Tutorial 


Are you tired of abusing Stepovers and Flair Nutmeg in FC 24? So let me show you these super Skill Moves that no one uses. 

As we know, Skill Move is a great way to open up space in FC 24. It’s so much that you can’t advance to the next level without actually using Skill Move. However, most FC 24 players only know a few Skill Moves and don’t even know how to do them effectively. 

So in this guide, I’m not just going to show you simple Skill Moves, but also how to actually execute them to perfection with an excellent player. Of course, this also requires you to invest a large amount of EA FC 24 coins. Without further ado, let’s get started! 

  1. Drag To Heel 

The first Skill Move on the list is called Drag to Heel. This is a four-star Skill Move that is absolutely lethal. It allows us to cut inside the wings and completely change direction. This way, you can quickly change direction and even perform a Trivela shot with this skill move. It can replace Ball Roll Drag and surprise your opponents. 

So how do you do this? This is very simple. First, you need to hold down L1 slash LB, then flick the right stick toward the player’s back, then left or right, depending on where you want to exit from the right side. This is how you perform this Skill Move. 

Now remember, every time the direction you’re facing changes, the input changes too. For example, if we are facing up, we will need to change the direction of the input accordingly. 

Also, it’s important to think of the right stick as a clock, since the direction of the right stick always changes depending on which direction we’re facing. 

So let’s say we’re facing the goal. If I tell you to flick the right stick toward the player’s back and then flick it right or left. This means you have to swing the right stick first toward 9 o’clock, then toward 12 o’clock or 6 o’clock. But if we turn our back on the other side, then we’re going to go from 6 o’clock to 9 or 3 o’clock, depending on where we want to exit. 

It’s important to understand this, and hopefully now you’ve learned this Skill Move. Just do it multiple times on the range so it’s fixed in your muscle memory. You can also buy FC 24 Coins to get excellent players to help you perform this Skill Move better. 

EA FC 24 Drag To Heel

2. Drag To Drag 

The next Skill Move on the list is called Drag to Drag. Drag to Drag is definitely a game-changer, especially this year. Because this year’s Wing Play is so powerful, and it’s so easy to master. 

So how do you execute it? You simply point the right stick toward the player’s back. So, facing straight ahead, you’ll be holding the right stick at 9 o’clock. There is another way to perform this change. You just hold down L2 and perform a Fake Shot. Both methods can do this. 

It doesn’t actually change how Skill Move is performed the same, it’s just that you can do it by pointing the raster towards the player’s back or doing an L2 Fake Shot. 


This Skill Move itself is an absolute game-changer. When you combine this with Scoop Turn and Fake Pass, it can absolutely disrupt your opponent’s rhythm. Because the opponent often expects you to Sprint directly, and after you stop with this Skill Move, the opponent will become difficult to defend. 

It’s absolutely fatal when you complete a Scoop Turn or a Fake Pass or a Fake Shot. I usually use it against the best players in the area. 

3. Fake Shot 

This brings me to the next Skill Move on the list, which is Fake Shot. This is a four-star Skill Move, which means you need to be at least a four-star skill level to perform it. If you haven’t reached it yet, investing more FC 24 Coins for sale may be the quickest way to help you achieve this goal. 

This Skill Move is best used in conjunction with Drag To Drag. So you can perform Drag To Drag first, and then Fake Shot, and the opponent will mistakenly think that you are going to pass the ball. But you’ll just fool him. 

When you do this, it gives you an extra edge and extra touch to find the open pass. It’s definitely a game-changing Skill Move, especially in the wing area where it’s absolutely devastating. 

EA Sports FC 24 How To Fake Shot

4. Tactical Fake Shot Stop 

The next move on the list is a Skill Move that any player on the field can perform, and that’s Tactical Fake Shot Stop. 

Now remember, when you take a Fake Shot, you always end up facing the goal. However, with Tactical Fake Shot Stop, you can choose any exit direction you want, which is a game-changer. 

So how to do a Tactical Fake Shot Stop? First, you need to hold down R1 and then perform a Fake Shot. You’ll choose your exit direction with the left stick. So wherever you want to exit, you can select it with the left stick. You can exit in any direction you want. 

Using Tactical Fake Shot in and around the box combined with Scoop Turn and Fake Pass is a great combo you can use to fool your opponents. Like I said, Tactical Fake Shot Stop is a significant move to change direction. 

But that’s not enough, we will perform a Fake Pass. Because we don’t have open passing lanes and the opponent is guarding the paint, we have to confuse him. So we combine that with Fake Pass and pass the ball inside. 

Combining Skill Moves and taking your opponent by surprise is key. Although these Skill Moves have been forgotten, they are still very good. That’s why I say these Skill Moves are underrated. Especially when you use them against good opponents who aren’t used to seeing these skills in action, you’ll often surprise them. 

5. Scoop Turn 

Scoop Turn is the last Skill Move on this list. Scoop Turn is one of the most clever techniques when attacking. It allows you to break through defenders or create space for shooting. Please note that Scoop Turn requires at least a four-star skill level to perform. 

FIFA 21 Scoop Turn Tutorial Simple & Effective Skill Tutorial

To perform this Skill Move, you need to hold down B and A and hold down LS, then perform a Scoop Turn by flicking and tilting the left analog stick diagonally in any direction at a 45-degree angle to the direction the player is facing. 

Note that players with a 4-star skill level can only perform Scoop Turns while stationary. However, players with a 5-star skill level can perform them while moving. 

Scoop Turn after a Fake Shot can allow you to create enough space, especially against players who move too predictably around the court. But in critical situations near the goalposts, you’ll also need to combine Dribbling and Scoop Turn with other clever tricks to successfully score. 


The above is my summary of some powerful Skill Moves in FC 24 that almost no one has used. So when you perform one of these Skill Moves, you’ll just surprise your opponent.  

FC 24 SECRET META Skill Moves No One Uses! Skill Tutorial

But it’s one thing to learn Skill Move, but it’s another thing to know how to defend. As with most techniques, practice is the best way to master Skill Move and confidently compete against other players online. 

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