Why Bubble Wrap is Beneficial to Small Businesses?

Ever since its invention in 1960, bubble wraps have been one of the most used shipping materials. From bigshot e-commerce brands to small business owners, this protective packaging has a demand everywhere.

While large companies are moving towards more sophisticated, luxurious packaging, small businesses are dealing with fierce competition. Many smaller brands are looking for ways to customise their packaging. Customised packaging is a wonderful idea for expanding your business.

However, if you are thinking of replacing bubble wraps with other alternatives, think twice. There are many reasons why the market has a wide range of packaging supplies but bubble wraps hold the prime spot.

Why should you pick bubble wrap rolls? Here are our top five reasons.

Huge Availability

When you are dealing with a definite budget you need widely available items. Reputed packaging distributors like Globe Packaging always stock bubble wrap rolls in different sizes.

Due to its wide availability, the prices are always on the lower side. It is easy for you to get as distributors keep permanent stocks of bubble wraps. You don’t need to worry about the supplies. You can buy in smaller bulks if you have a low budget and keep ordering whenever you need it.

It is Very Economical

Businesses usually ship a lot of packages at once. So, it makes sense to buy them in bulk. Bubble wrap rolls are extremely inexpensive. You can buy as much small or large bubble wraps wraps as you want.

Due to their lightweight, bubble wraps don’t add much to the overall shipping cost. Replacing bubble wraps with foam or other cushioning agents will cost you double the amount. For a small brand, this can make a huge difference in the profit margin.

It is A Great Insulator

One of the reasons why bubble wraps are always high in demand is because it keeps product safe and fresh. Very few packaging materials can be used for perishable products like dairy, drinks, medicines, etc.

The air bubbles act as a double agent. They cushion the products against rough handling, road impacts, and compressions. The air bubbles keep the insulation inside the box and the items stay fresh for a longer time.

It is Lightweight

As mentioned before, bubble wraps are lightweight. It is comprised of air-filled pockets so even large rolls weigh less than a single package of average weight.

This keeps the overall weight of the packages much less. Shipping cost in business is calculated by the overall weight of the parcel. With bubble wraps and cardboard boxes, you can ship many items at once keeping your cost and carbon footprint low.

It is Convenient to Use

As a small business, you don’t expect to have a room full of workers. That means you need to work with easy-to-use packaging materials. Bubble wraps are one of the most convenientshipping supplies.

You don’t need any fancy equipment to cut and wrap them. Just a pair of scissors and packing tapes will do the job. Simply cut the rolls according to the size you need. Wrap them with the product and secure the edges with packing tapes. It is malleable to use and can bend into any shape you like.

They are Reusable

One issue with bubble wraps is that they are a plastic-based packaging supply. However, unlike many other shipping materials, bubble wraps can be reused several times.

As long as most of the bubbles are intact you can use them as much as you want. This makes bubble wrap a lot eco-friendlier than other items.

Additionally, bubble wraps can be used in a lot of different ways. They can keep your home insulated; they can keep your drinks cool for a long time.

We hope that this article was helpful to understand why bubble wrap is an important packaging material for small businesses. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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