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10 Tips to Make Instagram Reels Viral Many Viewers

Many have given testimonials. Since Reels came here, the videos they put there have gotten a lot of viewers. That’s why more and more people are trying to upload their vertical videos to this Instagram feature.

The good news is it’s not just getting more viewers than what is recorded in the usual post statistics. Reels can also make your Instagram account viral and reach countless audiences.

You can also try to make Reels that are made viral. For this reason, This time will share tips that have been used by creators who first went viral on Reels.

1.    Remove Watermarks

For the sake of the professionalism of your creator career, you should use a video editor, although free, does not leave a watermark or watermark. Use a paid app that removes the watermark, if possible.

Even if you download it from TikTok itself and watermark it with your own name, it’s still annoying. Download the video from a tool that doesn’t leave a watermark.

2.    Using Trending Music

Sometimes a piece of music is heard as the background video. Not just one video, even every viral video uses the music. Well, the music turned out to be trending.

It’s a good idea also to use trending music to serve as background music. So that people who are looking for videos through the music will find your videos too.

3.    Make Quality Videos

The quality of a video is not only determined by the storyline or shooting technique but the cellphone or camera used also determines.

A good camera phone will certainly produce videos with an appealing resolution quality when uploaded. Do not also forget the existence of lighting, and creators usually use ring lights to add light effects.

4.    Create Interesting Captions

To eliminate bias or ambiguity in the uploaded video, create an interesting and captivating caption. Interesting is still not good because it does not attract the eye. So do both.

This caption can also help those with hearing difficulties. Even the most useful of these captions is that your videos are easier to find because they are relevant to the user’s search.

5.    Adding Supporting Subtitles in Videos

It turns out that the caption can also be insufficient. Therefore you should add text to the video as well, and this is useful for adding an explanation of the video that you have made.

This caption also helps make your video look better when it’s still on the homepage and hasn’t been opened by visitors.

6.    Make sure the video is vertical

Reels was created to compete with TikTok, YouTube Short, and similar platforms. So you do have to spend more time producing Reels content and videos for platforms like YouTube or Facebook Watch.

7.    Make Good Transitions

Transition is key. At least that’s what makes a lot of viral videos and becomes addictive for those who see them.

Reels was created as a fun video platform. So you don’t need to bring your seriousness here, and please turn that seriousness into a fun video with a slick transition if you’re serious.

8.    Chase Crowded Hours

You should know the peak times when your videos or posts are generally crowded. Then upload your Reels video just before the peak time, and see the results.

To see peak times, you can see the notifications provided by the Meta Business platform. But the advice of various social media experts can also be used for this busy hour.

9.    Respond to Viral Content

You can respond to viral content for a ride that goes viral too. Please respond to celebrity videos that are usually always crowded, respond to other creators’ content, or respond to trending videos following the wave strategy .

10. Follow the Community Guidelines

If your video goes viral, but it gets taken down by Instagram after a while, then it’s not funny. To comply with Instagram’s Community Guidelines, both before creating content and content, until after the content is uploaded.

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