5 Reasons To Choose The Kitty Party For Online Events

In 2020, came this wave of online team building events or say remote cooking workshops. One event that became particularly popular among the teams of Amazon, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and hundreds of other teams is the cooking and drink making events with the dancing Indian chef called Nistha who hosts these most unique events from Berlin, Germany where she lives.

Well, let us tell you what the teams appreciate the most about these uniquely awesome remote team bonding events and online parties : 

The Host:

The Dancing Chef, Nistha, is the host for these unique remote team events. She is not only humble but energetic which motivates the participants. Her extensive knowledge of spices makes the event informative. She makes sure that each participant is enjoying the ways they like, be it dancing, cooking, making drinks or only watching or all of these. 

This was such a fun activity to do with my work team! The pace was perfect and it was easy to follow along with the cooking, and she filled the less active minutes with music, dancing, and storytelling. A couple of people didn’t have access to a kitchen for the call, and they were still super involved and engaged because she made such a point to include them. And afterward, we all had a delicious lunch ready to eat! I highly recommend this experience. It was such a cool and unique way to bond with my team!

Jamye, USA

Cooking and Dancing:

The most interesting part of the events is dancing along with cooking. The dance steps are easy and fun, which creates a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. Teams dance remotely with their team members and it creates such a unique environment of joy and amusement. People bring their families, dogs and cats. All dance and enjoy every step of cooking with the very charming host, Nistha. 

What a fun experience! Nistha led us through some fun dances in between making two very delicious, unique drinks. I learned a lot about how to use Indian spices in drinks and had fun making them with my coworkers. We also got a lovely view of Berlin at night and the herb garden that she cultivates, which made the experience feel more personalized (like we’re visiting guests and not just people in a class). Highly recommended as a group bonding activity! 

Adeney, The USA 

Simple and Unique Recipes:

There are always new recipes coming up at The Kitty Party, be it food or drinks. So, new season, new recipes. Also, they are simple and easy to make. You can pick up and curate new recipes according to the season and the festival. Teams love to curate their own menus for their unique virtual team bonding events. 

This was an amazing experience! Nistha is so knowledgeable and really makes learning about spices so fun. This experience gave me a greater appreciation for the food I eat and now I want to incorporate all of these spices into my diet. I loved that she paid close attention to everyone and made sure that we all felt heard and our questions were answered. I am definitely telling everyone I know to try out Best Corporate event planner in Berlin. Thank you Nishtha!!!

Abigail, Canada

Learn while having fun: 

These unique virtual events are drafted in such a way that you can have a lot of fun in the moment and you can also carry a lot of value along with you for a lifetime. You learn to use your spices, make delicious and healthy food. You also learn how to style and appreciate the food that you make. There is  proper guidance to prepare the dishes. The instructions are simple and easy to understand. In these online cooking events and drinks events with the dancing chef, It is made sure that each of the participants are following along. 

THAT WAS SO FUN! Really, Nistha was full of energy, information and overall a super star entertainer. We had about 25 people join her Christmas Spiced Drinks and Dancing class and she made each one of us feel seen, heard and engaged. I love how she incorporated the dancing in between drinks or tasks to make people loosen up and get excited. Her personality is so bright! She had great recipes for her drinks, too. 



The best part is that you can arrange a zoom call easily with Nistha to arrange your unique online team building event. No matter if you want to celebrate a remote Christmas party, or remote holi party or the remote Diwali party, you can choose your menu, your suitable time and date, you can also choose if you want a 45 minute long event or a 2 hours long event. You can create a 3 course menu with the dancing chef or you can just choose to talk about the spices. You can choose to make non-alcoholic or make live cocktails remotely with your teams no matter where they are around the globe.

This experience was SO FUN! My boss wanted something fun for our team to share and unwind so we chose Nistha’s experience and it was better than I imagined. I didn’t want it to end. Our host was beautiful, personable, free and fun. She was a natural host! We made two yummy drinks that were simple and easy thanks to Nistha’s laid back guidance. I would HIGHLY recommend this fun time. DO it with your colleagues, family or friends. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Lisa, The USA

So, join these unique team bonding events with your teams and virtually celebrate christmas or diwali or the new years from the coziness of your home and connect to your teams in the ways you have never before.

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