5 Tips for Quick Business Card Printing

If there is something that communicates the identity of your company to potential clients perfectly and succinctly, it is none other than business cards. They speak volumes about your work and its quality! So, don’t undermine business cards by thinking they are just a piece of paper! Besides, thoroughly plan if you are looking for quick business card printing, and here are five tips to get it done right! 

1. The Apt Material 

The first thing your viewers will spot as they hold a visiting card is its texture and material. Tangibly soft or velvety material can immediately draw attention to itself. As such, there are thousands of paper materials and textures options available in the market that you can use to enhance your business cards. Materials like uncoated, embossed, Kraft and a lot more have now been added to provide a variety and card personality that matches your business image the best. 

2. The Apt Template

After you have selected the perfect paper material, the bigger challenge comes in. This is the dilemma of selecting the right design to print! But don’t worry; a simple template can solve all your problems. Even a person with little knowledge of designing can easily help you select a template. As such, it will automatically put a variety of layouts and fonts in perspective for you. 

The right template will simultaneously sort out your content, design, layout and colour schemes. So, remember to pick a template that could use colours from your brand image kit to set the colour palette of the card right. For instance, if you see a red card with a yellow ‘M’, your mind immediately visualises McDonald’s, doesn’t it? Colour schemes have an important role in ingraining those colours in the minds of potential customers and helping them relate them to companies. 

3. Optimum Use 

You get one little rectangle to represent yourself, so make sure you put the card to optimum use! Customise the design so that every element depicts your company’s soul. For example, a media solutions company or a photographer’s agency could use a frame-like border or shape for the card, making it unique. 

You can also use the backs of the cards! Perhaps your detailed address, an important tagline, or just some witty joke will make your card even more memorable. 

4. Less is More 

Even if you decide to invest in quick business card printing, you should keep in mind the space constraints of a business card. The more information you add, the less attractive the card is bound to be. Thus, one must be careful about condensing the data and only keep what’s necessary for first-time viewers to learn about your business.

5. Your X-Factor 

See to it that the card design matches your brand personality, and put in elements that are unique to your business. Moreover, you can openly experiment with your creativity here and develop something entirely new. For example, turning your card into a fridge magnet is a great and attractive idea for customers now so that they can easily remember you and your contact details! 

Business cards will be the face of your company even when you’re unavailable. So, keep all these things in mind before attempting to find the right services for quick business card printing. And if you can find a one-stop shop supplier providing all these facilities, you would be saving the hassle of a lifetime! 

Now that you know what you want, you may go get your stack printed at the best business in town!

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