6 Best Retail Software for Small Businesses in 2023

Retail software is often a program that stores use to process and keep track of sales. Modern retail software makes it easy to take payments, track sales and inventory, and manage staff in real-time. So, more and more small business owners are using retail software to figure out how their stores work and what their customers want, so they can stay competitive in the digital age and keep their businesses going in 2022 for small businesses.

Best Retail Software for Small Businesses

1- square

Square is a payment service company based in California, USA. Entering the Retail Software market is a big step for Square to take to compete with other financial companies. Square is the best Retail Software for small businesses because it’s affordable and easy to use. It also has options for general-purpose businesses, retail stores, restaurants, and businesses with appointments. Also, each choice has a free plan that lets you have as many sales and products as you want in your online store.

2- Shopify

Shopify is the name of a company that makes a platform for online stores. It is based in Ontario, Canada. Shopify Retail Software came out in 2013, making it easier for Shopify retailers to run both offline and online stores on their platforms. Shopify Retail Software is the best choice for small and medium businesses in any industry. You can sell on the go or at events with free Retail Software. Shopify plans all sales, inventory, and customer information in one place, which makes it the best choice for sellers using Shopify as an eCommerce platform.

3- Vent by Lightspeed

Cloud-based The company’s main office is in New Zealand. Vend is simple retail software that can only be used in stores with real locations. Aside from Magestore Retail Software, Vend is one of the best retail software for small businesses because it has loyalty programs, store credits, sorting tools, offline processing, and product catalog management. Also, Vend works with many different payment processors and options, like PayPal, so you can use it no matter how much money you have. It has great software for small businesses to use at the point of sale.

4- Magestore POS

Since it began in 2009, more than 10,000 retailers around the world have used it. Magestore is mostly used in the fashion, sports, outdoor, hobby and toy, home appliances, furniture, food and beverage, and hobby and toy industries. Magestore Retail Software is the best choice for businesses that want to grow from online to offline, increase sales, and make sure everything runs smoothly. It gives your physical stores the power of Magento, makes your business run better, and gives your customers a better experience. Things can be difficult when running a business. You must hire professionals who offer a logo designing service to make your work easy. 

5- Toast

Toast is one of the best retail software for small restaurants because it was made for the food service industry and uses hardware made for that industry. With Toast’s wired-in terminals, your internet or Wi-Fi connection won’t drop. The best thing about Toast is that it has some of the best customer service. It has a thorough set-up and training process that walks you through every step. Toast’s customer service is available via chat, email, or phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even after you’ve set up your Toast account. So, for most small restaurants, it is the best retail software.

6- Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed is a Canadian company that makes retail software for stores. Lightspeed Retail Software is made for many small-to-medium-sized retail businesses, like grocery stores, toy stores, and hobby stores. It has the following important parts:

  • Please accept all of the standard payment methods.
  • To encourage repeat business from existing consumers, consider charging membership fees and providing them with prizes.
  • Create and manage orders that will be picked up in the store.
  • Have a spot in the store where you can manage vendors and keep track of inventory at the same time.
  • Provide merchants with fifty pre-built reports on sales, inventory, and how well their personnel is performing their jobs.


Retail software is a way for customers to pay for goods and services. But modern retail software does more than just take payments. It is a major business hub that handles sales, inventory management, customers, employees, accounting, payroll, and shipping services, among other things.

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