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Best SEO Tools & SEO Reporting Softwares

Although there are many SEO tools to choose from, users get some benefits by knowing which one will work best for certain needs. The following 15 SEO analysis and reporting tools are some of the best free and paid tools available to get any SEO campaign on track. Whether you’re doing SEO yourself or you want to work with an SEO company like ours, it’s important to use some of these tools to track campaign progress.


SEM Rush is a keyword research and ranking tool that has proven to be very useful in competitor analysis. This tool supports a variety of schedule including search, aircraft and competitive situations, non-mainly reported in search performance from Sep. This makes appropriate reasons for those who wish to be before the social media, transactions and advertising ads. Another great feature of SEMrush is the ability to connect to your Google Search Console and quickly create a disavow file. SEM Rush will tell you what kind of interest can hurt you and give you the opportunity to click “ask”. It’s easy and seamless!

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GrowthBar is an SEO tool built for growth that helps you outrank your competition. Get billions of keyword suggestions, keyword phrases, and related long-tail keywords. Plus, track your website’s keyword rankings and get tips on how to improve. GrowthBar provides SEO insights in a simple and intuitive dashboard. See every organic keyword of every website, Google Ads, backlinks and Facebook ads, so you can inform your strategy wisely. Export all data in csv format. Create a content list for your blog or website with appropriate keywords, word count, headings, images, links and more. When it comes to content, GrowthBar will save you hours of manual editing and detailing. The five-star Google Chrome GrowthBar extension is free in your account. Gather SEO insights while doing normal Google searches.


Formerly known as SEOmoz, Moz is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that packs a punch in terms of analytics and has a lot to offer in the form of SEO-ready articles. Moz, combined with more than a billion global digital marketers and SEO reporting tools, offers an SEO Toolkit that allows users to find keyword suggestions, accurate search volume data and SEO competition. Moz also supports other tools related to SEO that allow users to check metrics on pages, analyze content and link building options, or see how a campaign stacks up against its competitors at the same time. The Moz platform has everything needed for keyword research and management, curation, keyword search ranking management, and comprehensive reporting. If you’re a company, you want to check out other SEO reporting tools.


Ahrefs is another big deal when it comes to SEO reporting tools and is used by almost all SEO companies. Second only to Google’s website crawlers, Ahrefs is one of the most recommended SEO tools online and for good reason. Ahrefs not only analyzes backlinks, but has a huge database with 12 trillion known links, 3 trillion known URLs, and 200 root domains. Ahrefs also offers an SEO site analysis tool that focuses on the areas of the site that need to be refined to improve rankings. Ahrefs helps determine competitive backlinks for the benefit of users. One of the most remarkable features of Ahrefs is its site crawler which visits more than 6 billion websites every half hour and updates the Ahrefs index, which is why Ahrefs has the largest live links.


KWFinder is an SEO keyword tool that helps find long tail keywords that may not have good competition. This tool helps to avoid keywords that can cause SEO problems when conducting searches and keywords that can be useful in creating rankings. KWFinder is great for finding the best keywords for SEO advertising and search engine reports running on backlinks or search results pages. KWFinder is an effective tool that returns specific search volumes for various nearby keywords using relevant data. This keyword research tool can narrow down keyword research to the local level, including national, regional, state and city, while offering more than 40 language options to customize the results.

Google Webmaster Tools and Search Manager

Google Webmaster Tools is one of the most popular web analytics tools that helps webmasters tell how often Google is crawling their site. As sites are added to its dashboard, they are analyzed, and then Google returns a lot of important information about the sites, starting with when the sites stopped and errors that may be in the URL or link. Google Webmaster Tools also has a statistics pane that displays how Google is seeing sites and how other search engines are seeing them, as well as information about the number of people who have registered with a search query. In the links section of Google Webmaster Tools, information about external links to listed sites and information about the link structure of listed sites is found.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is an SEO spider tool and website crawler that retrieves SEO elements from web pages for analysis and allows their export to other programs. Once exported to a program like Excel, a database of SEO tips can be created. Screaming Frog works well for analyzing medium and large sites and helps eliminate time-consuming tasks associated with manual work. This tool enables users to find broken links in sites, analyze page titles and metadata, discover duplicate content, and collect data from the HTML of web pages using CSS path. Screaming Frog also allows users to find temporary and permanent redirects, create XML sitemaps, and integrate with Google Analytics among many other features.


When it comes to analytics, Kissmetrics qualifies as an advanced platform with many powerful tools for customer relationship tracking. Kissmetrics focuses on providing metrics that track customer interactions with the site at any time. Kissmetrics does everything an SEO tool worth its salt should by displaying metrics, analyzing website visitors and their behavior, and showing site rankings. A unique feature that is important to Kissmetrics is the functionality of their platform. Using features and functions, Kissmetrics allows users to manage different types of analysis and track metrics in one view.

Sprout Social

For anyone looking for an effective social media analytics tool, Sprout Social can help. Sprout Social is a tool that combines scheduling, page management and posts. It also has great features that allow users to view metrics and performance on a single dashboard. Sprout Social comes complete with an integrated CRM system that allows users to manage multiple profiles, departments and companies simultaneously. In addition to being fully compatible with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+, Sprout Social allows users to take additional steps to manage their accounts without the need for different tools for social media. whatever.

Brand Watch

Brandwatch is a service that organizes social media monitoring services around brands and niches. Brandwatch crawls over 85 million sites for information relevant to any social media or business and also provides competitor analysis. This is important for all social media marketing and businesses when it comes to making the right decisions.


Siteliner is an SEO analysis service that is very good at detecting duplicate content issues on a site. After a user enters a domain name, Siteliner crawls the site and retrieves the content information simultaneously. Siteliner web crawler is familiar with many principles related to SEO and includes dynamic performance. This part of Powerpage is an internal link analysis tool that shows how often people are linking to pages from the site.


Whitespark is another effective SEO tool that helps users with link building, technical SEO, and content optimization. Whitespark also offers a local citation search tool that allows users to identify sources for businesses trying to improve their Google search rankings. This tool stands out for its usefulness in finding comments from competitors as well as those from the user.

Rival IQ

Rival IQ is a service that highlights competitors and allows users to see exactly where they stand against them. This is done by providing accurate and concise information about social media at the topic level. This tool allows digital marketers to make informed decisions, get the results they want from strategies, and understand the movements of competitors. Rival IQ works well for monitoring social media pages such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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