BigCommerce SEO Features & Tips for Ecommerce Success

As the pandemic spread across the globe in the last few years, online shopping and eCommerce usage exploded. The opportunities for online sales and the competition to sell online is higher than ever before. Be sure to select the best eCommerce platform that meets your company’s needs. BigCommerce is likely to have been in your mind whether you’re beginning or have a store and contemplating changing platforms. It’s a popular choice for companies that need SEO-friendly features from the very beginning. This article will cover BigCommerce SEO capabilities and methods to maximise the value from the available optimization options.

Is BigCommerce a real thing?

Big Commerce is a powerful integrated e-commerce system that runs on a cloud with built-in advanced features and an intuitive user interface. BigCommerce is the perfect choice for your new website since it comes with all the features and tools you’ll need to create your website online, manage your products, process transactions and orders, and maintain your branding’s appearance and design.

Here are some main features:

  • Templates that are pre-built and can be customized and adaptable to your site’s needs
  • Built-in Big Commerce SEO tools
  • Tools to convert and market
  • Secure shopping cart
  • Control of inventory
  • Big Commerce integrations with the most well-known payment gateways
  • Support for multi-currency
  • Instruments to manage the process of returning and shipping
  • The management of the group as well as the customer
  • Dropshipping integration
  • The possibility of selling via various channels, like eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest
  • B2B solutions for eCommerce
  • Solutions for Point-of-Sale

Tips and Features to Ecommerce Prosperity

BigCommerce hosts an eCommerce platform used by multinational companies such as Toyota, Ben & Jerry’s, and Gibson Guitars. It allows people to sell their goods or services via the internet. Numerous sites provide similar services online; However, Big Commerce’s special pricing is distinctive. SaaS is the term used to describe it. You do not need to buy BigCommerce and even have it. Instead, you pay a per-month fee. Big Commerce also comes with an SEO tool that is integrated. It is not necessary to purchase and connect third-party software. Big Commerce includes a full range of SEO tools. It could consist of additional functions or features that can be upgraded. This article will discuss the most effective ways to use BigCommerce.

SEO features for Big commerce

Bigcommerce is extremely specific regarding its search engine optimization features. It wouldn’t be beneficial for me to go over these features, and instead, I’ll concentrate on the most essential and go over their rationale.

Optimizing On-Page

These are the best search engine optimization features Google offers. Bigcommerce SEO features that will assist you in managing your search optimization for your website. These features are crucial to any platform for managing sites and constitute the primary features you need to manage your SEO.

SEO on-page is all about knowing what keywords you wish to rank for and optimizing the HTML on your website so that it can rank for those terms.

Schema Markup as well as Microdata

One of the major problems with search engines was that HTML is the primary language used to make pages. The word is utilized to describe the content of a page and is too broad to be precise. Click on the page to view the source of the page, and it will display as follows:

HTML allows you to define the text on a page as an article sub-header or even an entire paragraph. It lets you determine that the thing that you’re referring to has an image. The other is the phrase “link. It allows you to create tables and charts of information.

Content Delivery Network

Bigcommerce makes use of Bigcommerce uses the Content Delivery Network ( CDN) to deliver Bigcommerce-hosted sites for customers. The word “CDN” is an area of confusion for many eCommerce merchants. You must be aware.

We must be aware of the crucial things.

Google believes that performance on pages is among the primary factors that determine the rank of websites, and it’s how quickly it loads, and its content. Google advises site owners to redesign their websites to be more appealing to users and to improve the overall user experience on the web. Bigcommerce SEO is just like any other site.

Tip 1: Prioritize your Keyword Research

One of the most notable features of Bigcommerce is its SEO tools. It’s distinctive in the sense that it comes with an SEO-related module. SEO is an essential aspect of sales, and it helps to promote the store’s online presence to the correct potential customers. It is necessary to be aware of the capabilities that comprise SEO. SEO functionality of Bigcommerce. To choose appropriate keywords to generate traffic to your website, you’ll need SEO tools. Spyfu offers a complete listing of SEO tools. It includes Word Stream, SEMRush, and Ubersuggest. Ahrefsand MozKeyword Explorer can be among the valuable tools that can help to select the most appropriate keywords. It is crucial to choose the proper keywords for improving the Search Engine Optimization of your product and other products.

TIP 2: Optimize Your Mobile Site

The world is changing digitally, from grocery shopping to buying a vehicle. Your online store must be built to function on mobile phones. Mobile-friendly online stores are essential because many people shop online using smartphones. Google has adopted the mobile-first policy, which is massive.

This should be included in your store’s design specifications that are mobile-friendly. It is essential to consider how your site and its content will look in mobile apps. In addition, the colour must be considered first, and content must be the priority. Mobile-friendly online stores must have straightforward navigation and optimise their resources to improve rendering speed.

Tip 3. Optimise your Website Speed

SEO’s success depends on speed optimization. This is true for the growth of traffic and SEO’s achievement. If a website takes longer than 4 seconds to open, only one in four visitors will stay on the website. Around half of users will steer clear of websites that don’t function properly. Walmart, for example, has experienced a conversion rate increase by two percentage points. The rate for every one-second improvement in the speed of loading pages. The speed at which your website can lead to higher bounce rates, decrease the time required to be on-site, and increase your site’s rank on Google. Google’s Google Algorithm Speed Update assesses the speed of loading a page in the ranking and suggests that the rate of websites influences the ranking of sites.

Tip 4: Increase the speed when pages load on mobile and desktop computers.

We’ve discussed the importance of fast loading speed for websites to guarantee sales success, and it’s essential to keep in mind that desktop and mobile speed of loading are equally important. Ensure that your mobile website is fast loading to boost your SEO score, attract more visitors, and create more sales. Here are a few methods for speeding up mobile site loading. These apply to all websites regardless of whether they are mobile or desktop and online stores.

Most of the slow loading mobile websites and mobile sites today are caused by huge images. Banners used for advertising can load up to 4 seconds, and mobile websites can run up to 13 seconds to load, which is uncomfortable for many customers.

TIP 5: Create your Blog with Long-Tail Keywords Short-Tail, Long-Tail, and Lsi Keywords

A blog with LSI short-tail and lengthy-tail keywords is a way to increase the number of customers to your shop. This blog could be utilised to boost organic traffic by introducing new information. It is vital to choose appropriate keywords. BigCommerce owners BigCommerce are advised to use Ahrefs or similar services to select and use the most popular and readily accessible keywords.

Be cautious not to overload the blog’s contents with keyword phrases when deciding on the keywords you should use in your blog posts. This could result in Google penalising your blog. Keywords with short tails, also known as keywords between 1 and 2 words, aren’t as popular and often used to search results. However, Long-tail keywords range between three to five words and are more specific.


If you’re looking for a reliable eCommerce option, BigCommerce is worth investigating.

It has everything you require to run your website, whether the site is brand new or an existing one. BigCommerce is a step above expectations when it comes to offering SEO-related features and more support and data within its database of knowledge.

Apart from that, if you are interested to know about Big Commerce SEO Features then visit our Tech category.

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