Digitize Your Food Delivery Startup with an App – Steps, Features, Tips

Hunger pangs can strike anyone at any hour of the day. This is something that the restaurant business realized quite soon. Hence, it concluded that it needed to digitize the way it provided meal delivery services so quick meals could be provided to anyone irrespective of the hour.

This is a major reason why the global food delivery market has witnessed a gradual rise in its popularity alongside gaining the repute of having an extremely lucrative scope too. Also, if you observe, food delivery apps are most apps that customers have on their devices. Why? Because it empowers them with the support to get meals whenever they may require it and keep themselves free of placing extra efforts for this.

Going by figures, the “online food delivery market is predicted to earn revenues up to $223.7 billion by 2027 on a global basis”.

These numbers are enough to give an estimate of why the solution is so beneficial after all for a traditional restaurant setup that may yet not have digitized the way they offer their services. After reading the article this is something that you can get a grasp of. Alongside, you can also get a good level of knowledge in the areas listed below-

These numbers are enough to give an estimate of why the solution is so beneficial after all for a traditional restaurant setup that may yet not have digitized the way they offer their services. After reading the article this is something that you can get a grasp of.

Food Delivery App – Introduction

Courtesy of the digitized world that we live in, it has become more of a necessity to get the business empowered with an app. Therefore, almost all major industries like taxis, restaurants, etc, are getting themselves the solution. Particularly the latter, with an app, they have successfully built a brand name.

Thanks to it, customers get access to quick meal delivery services. Simply through a few taps, they place on the app like adding location details, selecting a restaurant from different food joints, selecting a meal of their choice, and making the order- they get the convenience to get a quick meal delivery at their desired location.

So, all in all, with elementary operations, the app has successfully attracted the attention of those food delivery startups who want to grow their base.

Are you also one of those setups who are planning to get an online base for your food delivery venture? Yes? Read the lines below to get a comprehensive knowledge of the benefits the solution will provide to your business and end customers.

Benefits of Food Ordering App

• Allows customers to conveniently find meals they are looking for and relish it

• This opens avenues to a great amount of visibility for the restaurant

• Customer data is easy to access through the app thereby making it easy for the business to get knowledge of services they need to improvise upon to earn sufficient revenues.

• Long queues and waiting in those queues, such instances get eliminated for the customer as the app empowers them with meals at their desired destination

So, you see, all in all, when you develop a food delivery app, you get the advantage of staying ahead of the competition and give customers the added advantage to get meals at their destination and relish it in a rather convenient way.

I am sure you must be having a question now- how do you build food ordering and delivery app? Don’t worry – it sounds difficult, but it is easy. In the lines below, I discuss the steps that promise to make this journey an immersive one.

Steps to Follow When You Build the Food Ordering App

When you are entering the journey of food ordering app development, you need to be extremely consistent with your steps. In other words, it is recommended you follow a methodical approach, so the app works wonders.

Steps to Follow When You Build the Food Ordering App

Hence, follow the steps listed below.

·       Know Food Ordering App Types

There are two different kinds of food ordering apps- platform-to-consumer and restaurant-to-consumer. Ideally, you should have comprehensive knowledge of these two.

Here’s giving you a comprehensive idea about these two-

1 Platform-to-Consumer App

Being a single platform, customers get the flexibility to find eateries that are vast in number. Alongside customers getting access to multiple restaurants, there are delivery agents, etc. also involved within the model.

2 Restaurant-to-Consumer App

There is a single restaurant that is involved in this model where the restaurant hires a delivery professional to make the food delivery services easy.

·       Perform Competitive Research

When you are embarking on the journey of food delivery app development services, make sure you do your research well. This means you should focus on studying the solution your competitor has developed, the features they included in it, and the level of satisfaction customers have when using it. With an idea across all these aspects, you will get comprehensive knowledge in a vast array of areas.

They include-

1. Missing elements if any in the competitors’ app and if its inclusion will allow your solution to provide quick meal delivery services

2. If there is any scope for improvement in the solution the competitor developed

3. The difference their app has brought to the market

·       Knowledge of Features

There are three main segments in the food delivery business- namely, the customer, the restaurant, and the delivery agent.

Hence, it is recommended each of these segments have these respective features in their app.

For the Customer

1.         Customize Menu

2.         Restaurants List

3.         Order Schedule

4.         Order History

5.         Multiple Filters

For the Restaurant

1.         Order Management

2.         Reports and Analytics

3.         Multiple Outlet Management

4.         Order Reports

5.         Payment Status

For the Delivery Agent

1.         In-App Call & Chat

2.         Live Map Tracking

3.         Order History

4.         Accept/Reject Delivery Requests

5.         Earnings

·       Tech Stacks

This is a very crucial step you cannot afford to miss when you develop a food delivery app. You need to know the tech stacks that would allow your final solution to work smoothly and avoid facing any possible incidents of crashes.

Look at the table below to get a grasp of the technologies that promise to make the app robust and fully functional.

FunctionTechnology/Technologies to Use
DatabaseMySQL and Redis
HostingAWS and VULTR
Cross-Platform App DevelopmentReact and Flutter
iOS App DevelopmentObjective-C and Swift
Android App DevelopmentJava and Kotlin

·       Connect with Food Ordering App Development Company Offshore

The last crucial step you have to follow to build the food ordering app is to get the services for the same from a dedicated food ordering app development company offshore. Go online and visit sites like Clutch to locate a trusted partner who can give you access to a custom app that promises to give your business a competitive edge and helps you to achieve scalability and growth successfully.

But the question arises, how to know which company is the best? Keep these tips handy-

•           Check portfolios of past projects

•           Check tech stacks they used

•           Assess processes they follow while providing project delivery

•           Examine the client reviews

Once you have studied all these areas and find a green signal that the organization is competent in the project, you can connect with them and be sure your app will successfully stand out from competitors. Also, you can be certain that your food delivery startup will get a competitive edge.

Now it is important to highlight the cost.

Cost to Develop Food Ordering App

When giving an estimate of the average cost to develop a food ordering app, the budget that you would approximately have to allocate for a native app first will be $127,950 approximately. However, based on the complexity of app design, the features you add, the UX design, and its overall complex nature, and the country where you get these services will be able to give you a final estimate of the budget.

Key Takeaways

Reading this comprehensive guide, you can understand the beneficial value that the food ordering app has for the food delivery start up.  It supports the setup to earn considerable revenues first and assists customers second to get access to quick meals wherever they may be located. However, until and unless you follow the right steps during development, you cannot be sure if you will achieve success or not. Therefore, you can connect with an offshore partner to get this task done so you can achieve scalability and growth successfully and get returns like never before, alongside getting the aid to get a good percentage of customers who remain engaged with your solution for a long time.

Wrapping Up

The food ordering app has allowed the food delivery start up to successfully build a digital base among customers allowing the latter to get quick meals at their doorstep. It has even opened doors for the business to become a lucrative one. So, are you ready to become a part of this competitive market and earn profits like never before? Get this app today. Connect with a trusted partner for food delivery app development offshore and see yourself getting a higher percentage of ROI.

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