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How can we introduce our page to more people?

These days, advertising is so important in growing business. But choosing a suitable atmosphere is more important. You should select an atmosphere that has many users. People pay special attention to social networks, especially Instagram. Instagram with more than one billion users all around the world is one of the best choices for advertising and marketing. Instagram is the main source of income for many of its users. If you are one of those people who are thinking of making money from your Instagram account, you should first attract followers.

You may have tried many ways (such as increasing the products and content quality, increasing your engaging and useful content, advertising your page through Instagram influencers, or buying fake followers for your page) to attract followers. But know that doing these affairs alone does not work.

In the following, we want to explain more about advertising on Instagram and we will introduce to you the best way of increasing your followers.

Why is the growth of your newly established Instagram page slow?

Naturally, from the very beginning when you establish a page on Instagram, you do not have many followers and you will not have a chance to enter Explore unless you have a large number of target audiences. Even if you produce content regularly and prepare useful posts and stories and publish them on the page, your post will not get much traffic because you have a small number of audiences.

Even as long as your page followers are low, the ads will be ineffective and you will not be able to get good feedback. Because the number of low followers has no credibility and, in this case, no one will be attracted to your page through advertising.

At this stage, you may decide to increase the number of your followers by buying fake followers. But you have to be very careful. Buying a follower fake only increases the number of followers on your page at first, but in the end, it inflicts irreparable blows on your page.

So, what is the solution?

How can I introduce my newly established page to more people?

If you want to introduce your page to more people, the best thing to do is to take action yourself, identify the target audiences of your page, target them and interact with them.

Who is the target audience called?

The target audience is a user who is interested in your page’s field of activities, needs the content you produce, or uses similar products and services. Such a person will likely become your page follower or your business customer. These people are usually the followers of your rival pages or pages with content close to you.

To interact with your target audience, you can follow them, comment on their posts, reply to their comments, like their posts, and invite them to visit your page via direct message. This way you can introduce your page to these people and these people will carefully review your content, services, and products after learning about your page. There is the possibility that if your content is attractive or you have good quality, price, and support, they follow you.

Why is this method impossible manually?

Although the method we mentioned is very effective in attracting followers, it is almost impossible to do it manually for two reasons:

  1. If you want to identify your target audience and interact with them effectively and increase the number of your followers, you need to do this every day and in bulk. Because doing these activities daily and continuously is an intolerable and time-consuming task, it causes you to completely stop doing it manually.
  2. Instagram imposes a series of hourly restrictions and does not allow you to do more than a certain number of activities per hour. for example:
    1. Instagram allows you to follow or unfollow up to 20 accounts per hour.
    1. Instagram allows you to like 150 posts per hour.
    1. Instagram allows you to insert 30 comments per hour.
    1. Instagram allows you to send up to 20 direct messages per hour.

Instagram imposes these restrictions to keep the ads monopolized and people pay money for advertising on this platform.

Although these two reasons make advertising on Instagram difficult for you, this is where automation tools help you and solve both for you.

The Final Solution: Buy an Instagram Bot

The problems we have mentioned should not stop you from continuing. There are tools on the market that do all of these activities automatically and can easily bypass Instagram restrictions.

The Virtual User Increase Instagram Followers Bot is one of the best examples of these tools, which is produced by the Virtual User website, which has dedicated customers. This Bot is software that can be implemented on Windows systems.

  • The extraction bot in this package can provide you with the ID of followers, followings of your target page, users who like posts, and commenters of your favorite post in an Excel file. This way you have a list of the IDs of your target contacts.
    • The follow bot in this package can follow your favorite ID list by observing the Instagram hourly restrictions.
    • Unfollow Bot that is included in this package can unfollow your followers. If you want, this Bot can check which IDs have not followed you yet and unfollow them.
    • Like and comment hashtags bot can like posts related to your target hashtag and comment on them randomly.
    • The cycling Bot in this package can be set for a long time and as a result, this Bot can work on your account 24 hours a day.
    • Because this Bot works according to the clock settings you give it, you will no longer have to worry about blocking action.
    • This bot works on your account without taking your username and password and therefore has a high level of security.
    • This Bot can enter your timeline, like existing posts, insert comments on them, check Instagram account notifications, explore or check stories, and do things like that usually happen to people after logging in to Instagram.
    • The Bot simulates human hand-shake and mouse movement in a way that makes it impossible for anyone (and even Instagram) to tell the difference between a human and a bot; As a result, this software will never be recognized as a bot by Instagram.

If you want to develop your Instagram page quickly, it is better to benefit from the Virtual User’s Instagram Follower Increase Package. This unique software can attract between 500 and 1000 real followers per week with completely natural and humane methods, in this case, your page appearance will be credible and valuable.


In this article, we talked about how we can introduce our page to many people to attract more followers.For more information, work with the demo version of this Bot. If you want to know more about this Bot, refer to the Virtual User website (

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