A Detailed Overview About Option Contract Real Estate, Its Purpose With Advantages

What is option contract real estate?

It’s a contract to buy or sell real estate property. The option owner has the right to decide if he wants to buy the real estate property for a specific price by a certain date within a specified time frame. The realtor gets paid nothing unless this happens. The option to buy real estate can be sold or transferred (to another person).

Purpose of an Option Contract

The purpose of an option contract is to provide a simple method for buying or selling real estate property. It also protects the buyer from paying more than the property is worth by setting a purchase price in advance.

Is there any risk involved in an option contract?

An option contract does not require any money down, making homeownership possible when other sources are limited. However, there’s always some risk when dealing with transferring funds and title to your home.

Before signing an option contract, you should know precisely how much money will be required at closing time when the deal goes through. If this amount changes, then that could result in problems for both parties.

Who negotiates the price of an option contract?

The owner of the option contract does. The property owner will not negotiate or agree to a price more than what they are asking for their home.

An option contract involves how much money?

The only thing ever paid upon signing the contract is $100, which is purchasing title insurance. If you decide to buy real estate within ONE year, then at that time, you pay $250-300 for your attorney’s fee. These fees can be deducted from your down payment when it comes time to close on the deal. When there is no real estate company involved with the transaction, you do not have to pay any other fees, commissions, or finder’s fees.

You also pay for title insurance, which will protect your interest in the property and guarantee that you`re getting a clear title. The cost is usually between $150 and $400. Usually, there are no taxes or transfer fees because you do not own the property until you close on it; however, we cannot make any guarantees since additional charges may apply.

If you do not want to purchase real estate within one year, it is possible to sell your option contract for more than what you paid ($100) if the buyer thinks your property will increase in value. In some states, the option owner may list their house as a tenant in common or a fee simple interest. Please get in touch with your local realtor for more information on this matter. At that time, there would be additional transfer fees and taxes required by law.

A listing agreement A contract to sell a particular property. It is a legally binding document that states the conditions and terms of the sale. A written confirmation from the owner that they agree to sell the property at a price listed in their advertisement methods of payment accepted, time frame for ways of receiving funds, etc.

Drawbacks associated with an option contract real estate

Option contracts don’t allow you to see any severe damage done to a home before you have signed on the dotted line. Also, you have no legal claim on the real estate until a closing takes place, so you may not be able to get your money back if anything goes wrong afterward. If someone backs out on an option contract transaction after it has been agreed upon, you may lose your $100 option fee.

Advantages of an Option Contract Real Estate

You can still become a homeowner even if you have bad credit, lack of money, or other reasons because there is no down payment required. The only thing an option contract requires you to do is come up with a small amount of cash-usually somewhere between $200-$300, which will cover title insurance, attorney fees, and possibly taxes depending on local laws. You can also sell your option contract at any time during the one year. If the value of the property increases, then you can gain this additional equity by selling or transferring it.

Tips for Option Contract Real Estate

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  1. Have a contract attorney look over the Option contract to ensure you are protected by law. You could also have your real estate agent or broker do this even though they are not required.
  2. Be sure to put down enough money to cover title insurance, attorney fees, and other closing costs if necessary.
  3. Do not pay for anything else unless you have decided to purchase the property or sell your option contract. If someone tries to charge you something extra, it is probably too good of a deal, so proceed with caution! This may be an attempt to trick you out of your money, so be careful! There are some honest people in the world, but there are also many less than moral ones, so always use caution when entering real estate transactions!
  4. Try to get a good sense of the market value before going through with an option contract transaction. A professional appraiser will help you determine what your property is worth, and this could save you from losing money on it in the long run if you decide that you do not want it after all.

What is the difference between an option and a purchase contract?

Option Contract

An option contract is a type of contract that grants the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset at a predetermined price within a specified period. The holder of an option contract can decide whether to exercise the option or not, depending on market conditions. In exchange for this right, the holder pays a premium to the seller of the option contract. Options contracts are commonly used in financial markets, such as stock and commodity markets, to hedge against price fluctuations.

Purchase Contract

A purchase contract, on the other hand, is a binding agreement between a buyer and a seller for the purchase of a specific product or service. Unlike an option contract, a purchase contract obligates both parties to fulfill their obligations. In a purchase contract, the buyer agrees to pay the seller a specified price, while the seller agrees to deliver the product or service as described in the agreement. Purchase contracts are commonly used in various industries, such as real estate, manufacturing, and retail.

Key Differences

The primary difference between an options contract and a purchase contract is the degree of obligation they impose on the parties involved.
Option contracts offer flexibility to the holder, while purchase contracts require both parties to fulfill their obligations. Options contracts also require the payment of a premium, while purchase contracts do not. Additionally, option contracts are often used to hedge against price fluctuations, while purchase contracts are used to secure the purchase of a specific product or service.


Now that we have looked at some essential things about Option Contract Real Estate, we can see how easy and advantageous they really can be for even the most inexperienced homebuyer. Having good credit or lots of money isn’t necessary to get your feet on the house buying ladder; there are other ways. 


What happens if the option contract expires?

If your option expires, you will be required to give the owner their $100 deposit back, and it becomes theirs to do with as they wish. Usually, money placed in an escrow account cannot be refunded unless the transaction is canceled for some reason, so this may not even be an option for you because you don`t know if the property has already been sold or transferred in any way. 

Is It Possible to transfer the option contract to another buyer?

If you can find someone willing to take ownership of your escrow account, then it should be possible for you to do this. However, if no other party wants the property, you will lose out on your deposit in any case, so make sure that the person who takes over at least has excellent credit and can pay cash for the house in full before agreeing to transfer it. 

What kind of money do you have to access during the one year?

You will not have access to any of it until you decide whether or not you will purchase the property. If someone wants to take over your contract that money is usually used for down payments and other real estate fees. You also can`t get a loan against it; all the money will be refunded if everything goes according to plan!

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