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Hunters have been using treestands for years. Hunting from such an elevated vantage point has many more advantages than hunting from the ground. When hunting from a treestand, a hunter’s range of vision is frequently widened, providing you an advantage over approaching deer. Because you’re no longer at the deer’s eye level, it also lessens your chance of being seen. When employing a treestand to its maximum potential, additional advantages like thermals, smell management, shot placement, and even a larger blood trail can occur.

Risks are also present while using treestands. If your shooting lanes aren’t open, you can get stuck with no chance to shoot.

Public vs private lands

Where you hunt may be one of the key decision considerations when selecting a treestand. Some state regulations demand that hunters take down their treestands after each hunt on both public and private land. A climbing treestand might appear to be your only choice in this situation.

This could serve as the determining element when choosing a treestand. Instead, if you hunt mostly on private land, a ladder stand could be the best option. Next, we’ll discuss the advantages of each to aid in your decision.


 Ladder stands are fantastic for many reasons. Ladder stands are best used on private land, however if your state permits it, they may also be quite useful on public property.

There are several reasons why ladder stands are wonderful. A ladder stand may be a terrific solution from a medical and health standpoint for people with damaged knees or who are unable to utilise climb sticks or other ways of ascending. Ladder stands are a fantastic permanent choice for deer hunting. A ladder stand may be the best option in high-deer-traffic regions such as bedding areas’ edges, feeding plots, and transition zones.


Finding the ideal tree in your stand location can be particularly challenging when hunting above food sources, avoiding alarming deer in sleeping areas, or creeping into transitional zones. X-Stand is noted for having some of the lightweight treestands on the market, which get you in and up in nearly any condition, whether the treestand site does have the landscape for easy access and you are finding it tough to find a straight tree. Even in less than ideal circumstances, hunters can stay safe thanks to features like the Rapid Hitch and Traction Control. You get more grip with traction control for increased stability and safety when utilising.


The mobile hunter will benefit greatly from climbing treestands. Those who hunt in the open or in private yet don’t want to be confined to a single location. If you prefer to hunt at several different locations but don’t have the money to set up a treestand at every location, a climber treestand is a terrific option.

The ascending style treestand is an excellent addition to your toolbox, whether you are going out in public to get off the road a little bit further than the other guy or have multiple private sites to hunt. Ascending and descending trees using a climbing treestand is now a safe and productive method to hunt according to X-Hunt Stand’s Safe Technology.


When pursuing a whitetail deer, hunting from above might be the most efficient methods. Safety is the first priority, thus treestands should be constructed with hunters’ security as their first priority. Despite our treestands being some of the cosiest on the market, it may be quite risky to doze off when using one. We constantly advise putting on again and using a safety belt. Everything you need to be secure and effective this hunting season, whether your stand site requires a ladder stand, climbing stand, or hang-on stand.

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