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What Is Cloaking?

Cloaking is the practice of presenting the different URLs or content for the search engine or user. Normally, cloaking is a violation process for Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. These especially provide the user with the different results that they expected. When you are using unique technologies that the search engine could not access then it would be difficult for people to view your website. It is quite an efficient option for making the site SEO friendly to ensure that you get complete stability in reaching more audiences. Some of the technologies, such as JavaScript or images would be quite difficult for the search engine to access so it is quite an important attribute for getting more audiences.

Cloaking SEO Technique:

Normally, every business would like its website or webpage to rank in the top position on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). For achieving a high search engine ranking for a website, it is quite an option to optimize them. Apart from these, Search Engine Optimization is one of the gradual processes which do not provide you with immediate results. Some of the examples of cloaking are

  • Inserting keywords or text on the page when the user agent requests page
  • A serving page for the HTML text to search engines

Hackers use cloaking for making the site invisible to the owner.  One of the best ways to easily optimize the website within a short time is by using the Black Hat SEO Techniques. The main reason is that the Black hat SEO cloaking involves with helping to catapult the website with featuring the complete SERP results.

What Is Cloaking In SEO?

The Cloaking process in the SEO also allows the users to be provided with information or content that is quite different from the content that is presented on the search engine. Website is especially required to present the content for search engine spiders or even bots to easily improve the search engine ranking. Cloaking involves the strategy of a web server specifically programmed for offering content in the search engine. These could also cause disturbance for the viewers. Cloaking is used for improving the search engine ranking of the website. The process involves misleading the search engine crawlers into thinking that the content on the page is quite different from what it is. For example,

  • Enabling the page of HTML text in the search engines but providing the page of images to the users originally.
  • Providing the keywords in content when the search engine crawlers request page

But it does not originally access pages with actual human visitors. Normally, the web page is indexed by search engines. The process will be based on the various attributes that include Page Titles, Meta Tags, as well as other SEO techniques. Webmasters optimize basic SEO techniques with various cloaking methods.

Hidden Text:

Mainly, the cloaking SEO technique involves with the additional keywords added to the existing content. These are overwritten in such a way that they are quite hidden from users. Keyword stuffing is provided for making the website to gain a higher ranking in the search engine. When there are additional words or content introduced in the webpage, then it could involve with the same colour of the background. These are not quite visible to the eyes. These are tracked by search engine bots.

Email Cloaking:

Email cloaking is the process that involves making the address and name of the sender. The recipient would not be aware of the sender.

Text To HTML Ratio:

Normally, the Search engines prefer to have the “TEXT to HTML ratio” for easily optimizing the website. The website needs to have written content on a page compared to the number of HTML tags. When the Website is posting short articles or content, then they have lower text for the HTML ratio. It is convenient to cloak the content to meet SEO guidelines.

Websites Built-In Flash:

Developing websites with flash is not recommended based on the SEO guidelines. Many numbers of websites are built with flash and its features. These website developers do not rebuild their websites in HTML, but they develop content-rich web pages.

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